Does Halo Infinite have aim assist?

A little help can go a long ways.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

With crossplay becoming more of the norm in online multiplayer games, aim assist has become a big discussion point in first-person shooters. With console gamers using controllers against PC players with a keyboard and mouse, things need to be adjusted to make it a more fair experience. If you jump into Halo Infinite will you have to deal with aim assist?

There is aim assist in Halo Infinite for controller users playing on Xbox. However, PC players will not have any aim assist in their game given to them, apparently even if they use a controller.

While console players do have aim assist, it appears to be very minimal, to the point that at times it can be difficult to notice it is even there. Additionally, there is no option in the settings to adjust the aim assist as of this writing.

Whether you are a fan of aim assist or not, there is a chance that 343 Industries will work in some slider for the feature in Halo Infinite in the future. Some might argue that that gives console players an unfair edge, but at the end of the day, Xbox has been very upfront about giving everyone a chance to play their games, and aim assist is a feature that can truly help some players in that area.