Does High on Life have cheat codes? Answered

Oh gee, look at you trying to cheat. You feel good about yourself?

Image via Squanch Games

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Cheat codes were a consistent feature in many past games, but they are less prominent than they used to be. Many things you would see have become either standard features or available through DLC, if made available at all. With High on Life having a very chaotic story and gameplay, cheats would feel right at home with this kind of game. With that, all said, does High on Life have cheat codes?

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Are there cheat codes in High on Life?

Unfortunately, at least as of this writing, there are no known cheat codes in High on Life. You may see videos of people obtaining things like infinite ammo, but those can essentially be considered mods that are only obtainable by messing with the game files on PC. Especially if you are on Xbox, there is no way to cheat the game and get superpowers, unlimited ammo, or anything else that you can think of unless an update comes out in the future, which is unlikely.

While there is a whole culture of gamers that love cheats and utilize them in games, they have largely gone unfulfilled for a long time. The days of putting in weapon unlock and vehicle flying codes in Grand Theft Auto is largely over and don’t really happen in any games anymore. If you long for that kind of chaoticness in your games, we recommend looking into getting a gaming PC and becoming active in the modding community. As time goes on, mods should come out for High on Life, allowing you to change the game in various ways. From swapping out character models to putting in different music, many things can be altered with the game by people modding the game. Unfortunately, Xbox and other consoles that the game comes out on in the future will be left out from these mods.