How to get the jetpack in High on Life

The best way to get high.

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If you really want to get high in High on Life, what better way to do it than to get yourself a genuine jetpack? There are a lot of tools in the game that you will need to help yourself be the best bounty hunter you can be. The jetpack just might be the best one. Like in other games, the jetpack is used to reach new heights, hover over gaps, and as a way to brag to your non-bounty-hunter friends. This guide will show you how to get the jetpack in High on Life.

Where to find the jetpack in High on Life

The jetpack is one of the easier tools to get your hands on in the game. The only issue is that you have to wait a little while before you can get it. You will also need enough Pesos since it isn’t given to you for free. Like the other tools in the game, you can get the jetpack from the pawn shop. This is also where you can get items like Durahealth canisters to increase your total health.

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To obtain the jetpack in High on Life, you will first need to defeat both Douglas and Krubis. These are the two bosses that you can take on after completing the 9-Torg bounty. Once you have completed both bounties, Gene will tell you that you should get a jetpack. Not only will this make you cooler, but you will be a better bounty hunter for having it. After Gene tells you to get the jetpack, head to the pawn shop and purchase a jetpack reservation ticket for 999 Pesos.

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Unfortunately, purchasing the ticket just guarantees you will get a jetpack when they come in and they aren’t actually available yet. Head back to your house and give Gene the update. Afterward, head upstairs and take a nap. You will sleep for a few days and wake up on the roof with the jetpack automatically equipped. From that point forward, you can use the jetpack to fly around the skies for a limited time.