Does housing give you more storage in New World?

Home sweet home.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Having enough storage in New World is a constant battle with how many bags you’re carrying and how many items you’ve stuffed into your storage shed at the closest settlement. You can never have too much space. To increase your storage capacity, you typically have to level up in a specific region or craft more bags. But does buying a house give you more storage in New World?

The housing units you purchase in any of the settlements in New World do give you additional storage. You’ll be able to place any items you want to have inside of that house there, similar to the storage shed you already use. For example, you can place a chest inside your home that gives you an additional 200 storage capacity, with even more storage rewarded to you when you craft higher-level chests. Having a chest is the key to additional storage.

The homes have the same problem as the storage sheds because they are connected to that specific location. Any item you place inside of your home at Brightwood is an item you won’t be able to access from any other site. You’ll have to directly visit your home to grab the item and use it.

So long as you remember where you’ve set down your item, where you left it, the additional storage the homes add is a wonderful thing to have, especially in towns owned by your faction.