Does Overwatch have cross-play or cross-progression?

The world could always use more cross-platform functionality.

Image via Blizzard

Cross-platform functionalities are quickly becoming a norm for multiplatform video games. Whether a game supports cross-play or cross-saves, video game players are falling in love with these more lax approaches to games across consoles and PCs. Releasing in 2016, Overwatch has been the top name in hero shooters, with many people buying the game on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Does it make use of any cross-platform functionalities?

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Overwatch does not support cross-play or cross-progression. This doesn’t mean that these features will never come, however. Game director Jeff Kaplan has called cross-play “very exciting,” and there have been “conversations” of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions getting cross-play. While nothing has come on this front since 2018, it is possible the process could still be announced in the future.

It would make sense for the console versions, including Nintendo Switch, to get cross-play at some point, with PC versions unlikely to join due to the competitive difference of controllers playing versus keyboard and mouse. That is not saying that arcade or workshop modes would not include PC, but competitive cross-play with PC would be highly doubtful given Blizzard’s objection to keyboard play on consoles in the past.

Fans looking forward to hearing news on whether cross-platform saves and play will be coming will want to pay attention to BlizzConline, which will occur from February 19 to 20, 2021. Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch 2 will be present at the show, potentially confirming a release date, next-gen console upgrades, and who knows what other features could be on the way. There is no guarantee that cross-play will be announced at the event, but if it were to be revealed anytime soon, that would be when Blizzard would do it.

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