Does Paper Mario: The Origami King have amiibo support?

Nintendo’s signature figurines.

Paper Mario The Origami King Famitsu review score

Image via Nintendo

A good chunk of Nintendo Switch games include amiibo support, and these unlock new content in the game or unlock particular abilities for players to use to their advantage. They are not required for the full experience, though, and if players do not have access to them, it doesn’t prevent them from experiencing the full gameplay mechanics and features of a Nintendo game. Paper Mario: The Origami King is an RPG adventure, and it does not have any form of amiibo support.

You won’t have to pick up a Paper Mario figure, or any variations of those in the next adventure, such as paper Bowser, Olivia, or an Origami-form of Princess Peach. You can’t use any of the amiibos available for the Nintendo Switch to potentially enhance the game, such as giving yourself access to multiple items, additional gold, or more health for Mario.

The Origami King is a puzzle game, so a lot of it is up to you to figure out while you play the game. Whenever you find yourself stuck, make sure to speak to Olivia to ask for help, or take a more thorough search around a location to see if you can’t notice anything you didn’t first catch while trying to learn about a puzzle. The same goes for any battles. If you’re struggling to beat particular bosses or enemies, make sure to use as many items as you have available and never feel like you need to save them.