Does Risk of Rain 2 Have Local Co-op?


Risk of Rain 2 has a multitude of ways to play, but if you are wondering if it has local co-op, I have some bad news for you. At the moment, the game does not have local multiplayer support. You can play singleplayer, in private lobbies with friends, or Quickplay with strangers, but you can’t play split-screen local multiplayer at the moment.

It does make sense, the game is in Early Access, the dev team is quite small, and getting local co-op to work can actually be quite difficult.

Will Risk Of Rain 2 Have Local Co-op?

The original game did indeed have local co-op, but I imagine doing this for a platformer is perhaps a little easier than doing it for a third person action game. That said, I did some research, and it would seem that local co-op is not out of the realms of possibility, according to Hopoo Games, the developer. In a FAQ that was posted to Tumblr, they had this to say about the chance of local co-op coming to the game;

At this point in development we can’t say for sure. Having said that, we would love to be able to bring split-screen back and we know a lot of fans really enjoy it – we just don’t know how that works in Unity yet. From what I’ve seen of other games, it seems like 4 player co-op might be too taxing for consoles, but 2 player is likely.

So, there you have it! Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t have local co-op right now, but it is not something that should be totally written off in the future. My advice is to let the devs get on with the work, and hope for the best!