Does Subverse have a censored mode?

It’s all or nothing.


Screenshot by Gamepur

As a game that is not ashamed to call itself what it is, Subversive is very much a game for adults only. While the game’s main attraction is the scenes of a sexual nature that you can unlock with each female member of the cast that joins your crew, the dialogue is also hypersexualized and very crude. Those who are not prepared for the B-movie style presentation and self-awareness of the game will find it uncomfortable.

For games such as these, with an audience targeted at adults, there is often an option that the developer offers to allow you to view the game’s 18+ moments censored.

However, in the case of Subverse, there is no option to view the game’s content at any point censored, at least as a single solution. While the game was meant to be experienced as it is, you can take settings and actions to keep the adult content to a minimum.

During the story sections, the language used is considered adult and is accompanied by a full set of voiceovers for all of the characters. If you want to remove the possibility of lewd or crude material in the dialogue, your only option is to turn the voice volume down to zero.

Meanwhile, the scenes of sexual nature leave nothing to the imagination. That said, while you will see a character without any clothes on, you can skip the actual intimate scenes if you still want to try the game without seeing these particular scenes. When you get to this particular part, you can simply click Continue, and you should progress to the next story section.

Aside from this, you have no option for censoring the game.