Does The Forest Have Cross-Play And Cross-Progression? Answered

Does The Forest have cross-play or cross-progression across multiple systems?

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The Forest is available on multiple platforms, but does it have cross-play or cross-progression? This would allow people to survive together in The Forest if the developers made this option viable.

The Forest is a survival horror game that involves the survivor of a plane crash who must find their son in isolated woodlands. Unfortunately, they are not alone, as the trees are home to a tribe of cannibalistic mutants who try to hunt the player down. To survive, the player must build a base, assemble weapons, and forage enough supplies to repel any attacks from the wicked inhabitants of the wood.

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Does The Forest Have Cross-Play & Cross-Progression?

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The Forest has a multiplayer mode that lets players build and fight together, but does their choice of platform restrict them? The Forest is currently on PC, PS4, and PS5 via backward compatibility.

Unfortunately, The Forest doesn’t have cross-play or cross-progression. The exception to this is the PS4 and PS5 versions working together, but that’s because they’re the same game working on different hardware. There’s currently no cross-play or cross-progression for the PC and PlayStation versions of The Forest.

The Forest launched in 2018, which means the developers have had a long time to add cross-play or cross-progression. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be a priority, as the team is working on a sequel game called Sons of the Forest, which is currently in Early Access on Steam. The audience and critical response to Sons of the Forest has been positive, so getting that out the door is more important than adding new features to an old game.

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Hopefully, Sons of the Forest will have cross-play or cross-progression in the future. The game is currently only available on PC, so it’s unclear how many platforms it will eventually be running on, but if it comes to PlayStation and Xbox systems, then there might be more options for letting friends play across multiple platforms.