How To Make Bow And Arrows In The Forest

The Bow and Arrows will help you survive in The Forest as you gather more resources and try to protect yourself from the unknown lurking horrors.

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Crafting a Bow and Arrows in The Forest will be one of the early ways to help you get food and resources. But it’s also a great weapon that can be used to fend off anything that decides to confront you while exploring.

The Bow and Arrows are relatively simple items to craft as the materials are all around you when you first set foot off of the crashed plane. But if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of The Forest, you could be missing out on some essential tools to aid in your survival. Here is what you need to know about crafting a Bow and Arrows in The Forest.

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How To Craft A Bow In The Forest

The Crafted Bow is the most basic Bow you can make in The Forest. This tool can be used for hunting animals to acquire skins and food or to attack any cannibals that try to disrupt you while exploring. To make a Crafted Bow, you need to access your Inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key on your keyboard and combining the following items: One StickOne Rope, and One Cloth.

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Cloth can be found inside suitcases that are spread across the map – just hit the suitcases with your axe to open them. Suitcases can be found in mass near the plane spawn, so if you’re running low, you can always check where you started. Rope is made by combining seven Cloth in your inventory. You shouldn’t have an issue finding Sticks – they are everywhere. Search the ground or use your axe on small trees around the area.

How To Craft Arrows in The Forest

Now that you have a Bow crafted, you will need Arrows to fire. There are different types of arrows that you can craft in The Forest, but the most basic of them are stick arrows. These arrows require you to combine one Stick and five Feathers – which will craft five arrows in total.

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If you don’t have access to any feathers, then the best way to get these is by using your spear (combine two Sticks) on birds. If you can kill a bird, you will receive a decent stack of feathers.

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I recommend building a Birdhouse at your camp to attract birds to the area. They will drop feathers from time to time, or you can just try to kill them when they land. Just be careful not to destroy the Birdhouse. A Birdhouse can be built by pressing the key on your keyboard to open the Survival Guide. This building recipe needs one Log and four Sticks.

There are three other types of arrows that you can craft in The Forest. Here is what you need to make them:

  • Bone Arrows – One Stick, five Feathers, and five Bones.
  • Fire Arrows – five Arrows (any type), one Cloth, 1 Booze.
  • Poison Arrows – five Arrows (any type), four Twin Berries or four Snow Berries or one Amanita Mushroom or one Jack Mushroom.

Each time you combine items to craft arrows, they will produce a stack of five arrows. Arrows can be stored either in your Inventory or in an Arrow Basket. Crafting a Quiver will increase the number of arrows you can have on you at a given time by 20.