Dragon Quest Builders 2 – All Room Recipies


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is filled with all sorts of rooms for you to build. If you want to leave your apprentice days behind you, and become a Master Builder, it helps to know how to make them all.

The first, and most important rule, of rooms in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is that the must have walls that are at least two blocks high, and they must have a door. Until these conditions are met, it will not be considered a room by the game. This will give you an empty room, and after that, you dictate the room’s function by placing certain items within it.

Huge thanks to Kirk McKeand and the VG247 site, upon who’s list this is based.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 Room Recipies

Below you will find a list of room recipes for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The list is in alphabetical order for each searching.

  • Agricultural Kitchen: any chest, three sacks of wheat, two firewood, three bonfires.
  • Armory: any chest, any four fighting kits (ornamental armor, spears), two barricades.
  • Barn: any chest, any pot, one haystack, one rope, one farming tools, one firewood.
  • Barracks: any two fighting kits, any four beds, any two light sources.
  • Basic Bar: cocktail counter.
  • Basic Bedroom: any two beds, any one light source.
  • Castle Cafeteria: a chest, one well, one brick barbecue, one buffet.
  • Castle Kitchen: any chest, one well, one brick barbeque.
  • Cell: one chains, one pot.
  • Chapel: one altar, any two tabletop light sources, one goddess statue, four chairs.
  • Communal Bedroom: any eight beds, any four light sources.
  • Creepy Conservatory: any chest, two blooming poxglove, four budding poxglove.
  • Dining Room: four dining table, any light source.
  • Dormitory: one inn sign, any three pots, any eight beds.
  • Farmers’ Bedroom: one farming tools, one firewood, any two beds, one light source.
  • Gory Grillhouse: any chest, one meaty marshy mountain, one brick barbecue.
  • Item Shop: any table, one price tag, one shop sign, any two crates.
  • Mushroom Cookroom: any chest, any fungus (use gloves to pick it up), any two bonfires.
  • Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom: any one resident’s sign, one dressing table, any chair, any ornamental flower, any light source, any bed.
  • Pot Chamber: any five pots, any chest.
  • Private Bedroom: any one resident’s sign, any bed, any light source, any chain.
  • Pumping Station: two dumb-bells, two mining tools, any two towels.
  • Relaxation Room: any bed, any two curtains, one folding screen, any light source.
  • Rough ‘n’ Tough Bedroom: any one resident sign, one barrel, one bottle, one dumb-bells, any one light source, any bed.
  • Royal Bedchamber: any one resident’s sign, one king-sized bed, any one fancy chair, any one fancy light source, one fireplace.
  • Rustic Bathroom: one basic bathtub, any three towels, four washtubs, any one chair.
  • Scenic Shower Room: four showers, any two towels, two folding screens, any two light sources, four small windows.
  • Sculpture Gallery: any three handrails, one stationary statue.
  • Shabby Throne Room: one disfigured throne.
  • Shower Room: one shower, any one towel, one folding screen.
  • Simple Kitchen: any chest, any three bonfires.
  • Smithy: one forge, any chest, any hanging bag, any pot.
  • Social Bedroom: any four beds, any two light sources.
  • Summoning Chamber: one forbidden altar, any chest, one false idol, two peculiar pillars, one unholy altar, one sinister sconce.
  • Throne Room: one throne, four bold banners, two braziers.
  • Toilet: any pot, any towel.
  • Training Room: four target dummies, two ornamental spears, four wooden fortifications.
  • War Room: one emblematic table, one map, any two wargame pieces.
  • Well-Stocked Bar: one cocktail counter, one pub sign, two simple sipper’s, one social sipper’s, two casks.
  • Wizard’s Workshop: one wizard’s workbench, one crystal ball, one comfy cushion, one incense burner.