Escape From Tarkov Error 260 and Error 213 explained

No one likes an error message.

Escape from Tarkov

When trying to log on to Escape From Tarkov, you can get hit with numerous error messages. Two very common errors are Error 260, and Error 213. Both of these errors occur under the same circumstances and seem to mean roughly the same thing.

Error 260 and Error 213 will be returned when there is an issue connecting to the authentication servers for the game. Authentication servers are servers that initially accept your request to log on to the game, figure out if you are allowed to do so, and then pass you off to the game servers.

The current issue seems to stem from an update that Battlestate Games rolled out for Escape from Tarkov. The update appears to have caused some backend issues that the developers are aware of, and are working on at the moment.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do from your end, this is an issue that only Battlestate Games can resolve. The developer has not issued an expected time for the fix, but we will update this article if they release any further updates. Until then, the wording of the tweet, describing logging in as “difficult” is interesting. It at least implies that it is not impossible, so if you are desperate to play, or take advantage of quiet servers to finally get into Labs, then you may be able to spam login requests and get some success.

This seems doubtful, however, and potentially a poor use of your time. The best bet is to just sit back and relax until Battlestate Games manage to resolve the issue. You will need to fight your way into Labs another time.