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Every Character you can Recruit in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

So many characters to recruit!

There are over 40 characters you can recruit in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers. Here’s every character you can recruit in the game and how you can get them. Note that some of these characters are locked behind choices. For example, when you first meet Kid and she asks you to join your party, letting her will completely lock Leena out.

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CharacterHow to Recruit them
DocRequires you to not save Kid. Once she wakes up, he’ll ask to join your party.
DraggyPick up Big Egg in Fossil Valley that the bird is guarding. Then, place it in the incubator in Fort Dragonia in Home World.
FargoAfter saving Riddel, Fargo will join your party when you visit the S.S. Invincible.
FunguyGo to the Underground passage and help the father who is stuck in a hole by either interacting with a bug or fighting a Wraith. He’ll give you a Mushroom. Then, go under the waterfall and give the man there the Mushroom.
GlennDon’t save Kid. You can recruit him in Termina when Macha brings you there.
GrecoAfter fighting Lynx at Viper Manor, head back to the shrine in Termina. After the cutscene, follow Greco into his house and talk to him.
GrobycWhile at Viper Manor in Another World, defeat Grobyc in battle after rescuing Riddel. A few scenes later, he’ll join your party.
GuileTalk to him in the bar in Termina and bring him to Viper Manor. Recruiting him will lock Nikki and Pierre out of your party.
HarleJoins your party when you’re in the Dimensional Vortex.
IrenesAfter defeating the Sage, speak to Toma in Marbule in Home World. Exhaust all dialogue options and then rest at the hut next to the entrance. You’ll hear strange sounds at night. Head outside to meet her. The next day, she’ll join your party.
LeahWhen you go to Gaea’s Navel in Home World in search of the Green Dragon, she’ll ask you to get rid of all the creatures in the area. She’ll join your party permanently after defeating the Green Dragon.
LeenaDon’t recruit Kid while at Cape Howl. Head back to Arni Village and talk to Leena.
LucciaAfter fighting Lynx, head back to Viper Manor in Another World and head to the upstairs balcony. She’ll head back down to her lab. Follow her and talk to her.
LynxAfter your encounter with him at Fort Dragonia in Another World, he’ll join your team.
JaniceWhile you’re on the S.S. Zelbess, participate in the Grand Slam. After defeating her three times, she’ll join your party.
KarshBefore rescuing Riddel, visit Termina’s Bar in Another World and head to the secret room in the back by talking to the barkeep. You’ll get the option to recruit Karsh or Zoah here. You’ll get both characters after rescuing Riddel.
KidCan be recruited at Cape Howl OR after you accept her request in Termina.
KorchaAgree to save Kid.
MachaDon’t rescue Kid. After recruiting Glenn, talk to her.
MarcyJoins your party after rescuing Riddel.
MelAfter agreeing to save Kid and giving her the remedy, choose to search for Mel after she steals Kid’s elements.
MikiWhen saving Marbule in Home World, defeat all the enemies. After that, find her on the S.S. Zelbess and talk to her.
MojoTalk to the fisherman in Home World. He’s located in the top right hut’s basement. He’ll give you s Shark Tooth. Once you’re in Another World and defeated Karsh and the Shaker Brothers at Cape Howl, go back to Anri Village and talk to the fisherman again. Show him the Shark Tooth and then attempt to leave the room. Mojo will start talking to you and ask to join your party.
NeoFioAfter getting the Life Sparkle in Hydra Marshes in Another World, go back to Viper Manor and use it on the flower on the upper balcony.
NikkiWhile in Termina in Another World before Viper Manor, head to the Magical Dreamer’s boat and talk to Miki. She’ll ask you to save Nikki who is in Shadow Forest. After saving him, he’ll join your party. Locks Guile and Pierre out of your playthrough.
NorrisWith Radius in your party, go to Viper Manor in Home World and talk to Norris who is in the basement.
OrchaJoins your party after you defeat him in battle while trying to rescue Riddel.
OrlhaAfter your battle with Lynx at Fort Dragonia, head over to Guldove in Another World. Defeat Orlha in battle and she’ll give you a Sapphire Brooch. Present this to her while she’s in her bar when you get your body back.
PierreBefore going to Viper Manor in Another World, talk to the guy polishing Viper’s statue in Termina. Then, head over to the blacksmith and go to the other room. Talk to Pierre who will tell you he lost his hero medal. Speak to the boy running outside and he’ll give you Pierre’s medal. Give the item back to Pierre and he”ll join your party. Will lock Guile and Nikki out of your party.
PipWhile you’re in Viper Manor for the first time and you finish the fight in Luccia’s lab, go over to Pip and free him from his cage. He’ll join your team when you’re on the S.S. Invincible.
PoshulIn Anri Village in Home World, get the Heckran Bone from the bed in the restaurant and give it to her. If you didn’t recruit her here, she’ll join you after beating Karsh, Solt, and Pepper and reject Kid if you visit Anri Village in Another World.
SkellyAfter agreeing to help him in Fossil Valley in Another World, you’ll need to get all his body parts. They are all in Another World. His skull is located in Fossil Valley. Climb the ladder and it’ll be next to the Dragon Skull. Angry Scapula is in Shadow Forest under the waterfall, just read the Explorer’s letter. His Pelvic Bone is in Guldove, just talk to the trader in Doc’s Hut. His backbone is in the Hydra Marshes cave near the Hydra. Talk to the person in green near the exit of the first area in Water Dragon Isle to get his Ribs. Finally, at the Isle of the Damned, you’ll find his Mixed Bones inside the cave in the first area.
SneffAfter defeating the Sage at S.S. Zelbess, go back to the casino and talk to him. Follow him back to his dressing room and talk to him once more to have him join your party.
SpriggJoins your party while in the Dimensional Vortex.
StarkyGet the star fragment from El Nido Triangle in Home World and then go to Dragon Sky Isle. Head up the stairs and you’ll start a boss fight. After the fight, you’ll recruit Starky.
StennaAfter defeating the six Dragons, head back to Guldove in Home World. Go inside the Shrine Maiden’s tent and talk to her.
TurnipWith Poshul in your party, go to Hermit’s Hideaway in Another World after acquiring Ice Breath. In front of the burnt tree trunk, use Ice Breath on the ground. Exit the area and come back to see something growing. Poshul will pull it out to reveal Turnip.
RadiusAs Lynx, talk to Serge’s Mom. Radius will battle you and after defeating him, he’ll join your party.
RazzlyAgree to save Kid. While in Hydra Marshes in Home World, you’ll see a green fairy. Follow her. If you don’t, you can be locked out of recruiting Razzly. Defeat the Beebas, Wingapede, and Pentapus. Afterward, Razzly will join your party.
RiddelAfter rescuing her from Viper Manor, she’ll join your party.
VanAs Lynx, go to Termina in Home World and talk to Van. Tell him you’re serious about getting the Frozen Flame.
ViperRecruited after getting Riddel.
ZappaVisit him in his shop in Termina in Home World with Radius in your party.
ZoahCan be recruited before rescuing Riddel or afterward if you picked Karsh.

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