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Every Formable Nation in Victoria 3 and their requirements

Find all the countries that you can make.

Nothing is more satisfying than starting as a weak country and forming some incredible kingdom or empire. Most Victoria 3 players will strive to do this with most minor countries or with some of the greater powers. However, most formable nations in Victoria 3 require the player to have a specific culture to create. Once you have that culture, you can easily find the regional requirements needed to make that country in the Cultures tab. So, here are all the formable nations in Victoria 3 for you to find and experiment with.

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All formable countries in Victoria 3

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There are currently 45 formidable nations in Victoria 3. We have decided to include only the countries that don’t exist at the start date since knowing that you can form the USA when it already exists is pointless.

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Here is a list of every formable nation in Victoria 3, along with their required culture:

AotearoaUnrecognized CountryEmpireMāori
ArabiaUnrecognized CountryEmpireMashriqi, Bedouin, Misri, Yemenite
AustraliaColonial CountryKingdomAustralian
BaluchistanUnrecognized CountryKingdomBaluchi
CanadaColonial CountryKingdomAnglo-Canadian, Franco-Canadian
Confederate States of America (Confederate State of America, Confederated Sovereigns of America, Communist States of America, Confederate Synods of America)Colonial CountryKingdomDixie
Costa RicaColonial CountryPrincipalityCentral American
CzechoslovakiaRecognizedKingdomCzech, Slovak
Danubian StateRecognizedEmpireHungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene
El SalvadorColonial CountryPrincipalityCentral American
EthiopiaUnrecognized CountryEmpireAmhara, Oromo, Tigray
Free States of AmericaColonial CountryKingdomYankee
Germany (German Empire)RecognizedEmpireNorth German, South German
Gran ColombiaRecognizedEmpireNorth Andean
GuatemalaColonial CountryPrincipalityCentral American
HindustanUnrecognized CountryEmpireAvadhi, Sindi, Kannada, Bengali
HondurasColonial CountryPrincipalityCentral American
IberiaRecognizedEmpireSpanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Basque, Galician
IndiaRecognizedHegemonyAssamese, Avadhi, Baluchi, Bengali, Bihari, Gujarati, Kanauji, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Panjabi, Pashtun, Rajput, Sindi, Tamil, Telegu
Indonesia (Majapahit, Srivijaya)RecognizedEmpireBalinese, Batak, Bornean, Dayak, Javan, Malay, Moluccan, Sumatran
Italy (Kingdom of Heaven)RecognizedEmpireNorth Italian, South Italian
LaosUnrecognized CountryKingdomLao
MaliUnrecognized CountryKingdomBambara, Fulbe
NicaraguaColonial CountryPrincipalityCentral American
North German FederationRecognizedKingdomNorth German
Poland-LithuaniaRecognizedEmpirePolish, Lithuanian
Scandinavia (Kalmar Union, Fennoscandia)RecognizedEmpireSwedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic
South German FederationRecognizedKingdomSouth German
TurkestanUnrecognized CountryEmpireUzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Turkmen, Tajik, Uighur
United Baltic ProvincesRecognizedKingdomLatvian, Estonian, Lithuanian
West IndiesColonial CountryKingdomAfro-Caribbean
YemenUnrecognized CountryPrincipalityYemenite, Bedouin
YugoslaviaRecognizedEmpireSerbian, Croatian, Slovene, Bosniak
ZimbabweUnrecognized CountryKingdomShona, Nguni

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