Every Horse Pokémon in the series, ranked from worst to best


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With over 900 Pokémon in the franchise, there is bound to be an overlap with some animals that we’re familiar with. Pokémon take inspiration from myths, creatures, and animals found in our world, and there is a good amount of Pokémon for fans of the equestrian variety. We are, of course, talking about the majestic horse. An iconic fantasy horse needs a majestic mane, stompy hooves, and a valiant war cry.

As for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there are 11 Pokémon in the franchise that we can describe as at least resembling a horse. These Pokémon might not neigh and whinny as you send them out into battle, but all of the Pokémon on this list have galloped their way into someone’s heart. However, this is the list of our favorite Horse Pokémon in the franchise in worst to best order, and we’ll be looking at each Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of design and power in the game.

Honorable mention: Horsea / Seadra / Kingdra

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These Pokémon really lean into a more dragon-like aesthetic, especially as Kingdra. However, we acknowledge that Horsea’s name sounds like “horsey,” and we will not fight you if you want to call this line of Pokémon horses. But seahorses only look like horses, and they are fish.


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The worst Horse Pokémon isn’t necessarily a bad Pokémon, and they surely have an audience with some horse lovers in the world. But this pony is by far the ugliest horse in the franchise. Just look at its hair. This donkey-inspired Pokémon being so low is likely a hot take, but aside from its design, it’s just a baby Pokémon that doesn’t bring much to the table.

Galarian Rapidash

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This Pokémon, admittedly, suffers from a mixture of mismatched expectations and (frankly) looks worse in 3D. Most official 2D art has established this Pokémon as a much more regal Pokémon, but unfortunately, its 3D model does not do the same. Its hair looks silly, and it looks derpier than it should, considering how fantastical Galarian Ponyta is. Instead of a classic, mythical unicorn, it looks like a mash-up of Hubba Bubba and My Little Pony. Which I guess makes sense.

It doesn’t help that Galarian Ponyta is also quite bad in terms of being a fully-evolved Pokémon. Despite its powerful Psychic and Fairy-typing, Galarian Rapidash is frail and not very strong, so what’s the point?


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Mudsdale is a stompy boy and admittedly a glow-up from the goofy Mudbray. Technically, it is also one of the stronger Horse-Pokémon in the game that isn’t a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. It has an immensely high Attack stat and is beefy on top. However, it behooves me to point out that its hooves look like beehives, and that’s pretty distracting.

In all seriousness, Mudsdale is cool, and most of the Pokémon from this entry forward are somewhat interchangeable with each other. Mudsdale just does not compare with the designs of its fellow horses, and that’s not its fault.

Blitzle / Zebstrika

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The Blitzle line is one of the most underrated Pokémon lines in the series, and I will stand by that statement. Firstly, Blitzle is adorable! This zebra-inspired Pokémon has the looks, with the white bolt of lightning straddled to its head. Even details like its blue eyes help accentuate the design.

It breaks my heart that Blitzle and Zebstrika haven’t been featured in a mainline game since its introduction in Generation 5. It’s not particularly strong, but it fulfills its role as mid-tier early route Pokémon perfectly and is one of the coolest ones to date. Manectric who?

The adorable Blitzle gets its cool factor turned up to eleven with its evolution. Its lightning bolt horn diverges into two different streaks, its tail resembles something like a static shock, and its resemblance to a zebra is more clearly seen with white streaks running through its body.


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I’m not sure if putting a Legendary Pokémon this low is a hot take, but there are numerous issues with this Pokémon. For one, it is slow. 30 base speed is pathetic, and breaks the illusion of what I imagine is a generally fast sporty Pokémon. Even Mudsdale is faster.

I suppose it makes sense, considering the glaciers growing on their feet. It’s certainly an immensely cool-looking Pokémon. Its head looks a little similar to Alolan Sandslash, with icicles spiking out of its head, but there’s the added touch of almost goggle-like blocks of ice covering its eyes. But really, it’s so slow it’s almost unacceptable. Slower than Mudsdale? Really?

Ponyta / Rapidash

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This iconic Pokémon has been around since Generation 1 and is the first line of Horse Pokémon in the game. Sometimes, you can’t beat nostalgia. Ponyta has a suitably cute design, an adorable cartoon pony with streaks of fire running through its mane. And Rapidash turns into a magnificent equestrian, looking more intense with more flames throughout its body.

It would be difficult to ride a Rapidash as riders will likely sit directly on or near an open flame.

Galarian Ponyta

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Galarian Ponyta is where dreams are made of. Giving the iconic Generation 1 horse a regional form as the franchise explores a Britain-inspired setting makes perfect sense. Unicorns are a thing of dreams, and while Galarian Ponyta may be too My Little Pony for some (I’m aware this was a criticism with Rapidash), Galarian Ponyta wins me over.

It still resembles a Ponyta, is very cute, and looks as mystic as it should as it carefully trods around the region of Galar.


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Keldeo is kind of a cheater. It has two forms (giving it two designs to consider), is a Mythical Pokémon, and is all-around a powerful pick. It has a powerful moveset and a breezy Water/Fighting typing. It is, however, not the most impactful mythical Pokémon. In addition, it’s second form, the Resolute form, is functionally the same as its normal form. Gameplay-wise, this is somewhat lame that the only thing differentiating the two forms is a single move.


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This is a powerful beast. This Legendary horse has a grungy, emo aesthetic with its ghost typing, purple mane, and shadowy hooves. It’s also the most powerful Pokémon on the list, sending waves in the competitive Pokémon community, a level of power that has found it banished to the highest tier of Pokémon in the competitive community Smogon.

With an amazing design and great stats, Spectrier easily takes the top spot as the best horse Pokémon in the game.