Every new and returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Monsters new and old are making an appearance.

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is bringing an updated version of the franchise’s classic formula to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021, and with it comes a nice mix of iconic creatures and completely original monsters.

The new mechanics being added in from Monster Hunter World will provide an improved gameplay experience compared to the already available Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, but it is unlikely that Rise will match the 93 monsters available in the Switch’s other exclusive title. 

Like Monster Hunter World, Rise will have new monsters, while also bringing back some classics to appease older fans. Based on what was shown in the reveal trailer, the returning monsters might be very different from those available to players in World.

We won’t know exactly which monsters will be featured in Monster Hunter Rise when it launches next year, but Capcom has shown off at least a few creatures you will be hunting. 


Image via Capcom

Fanged Wyvern that hunts its prey with relentless malice, Magnamolo is being treated as the titular monster for Monster Hunter Rise, meaning it will have some major importance to the game’s story and will likely provide players with some very powerful armor. So you better be prepared to interact with this new beast several times throughout your playthrough.


Image via Capcom

A Bird Wyvern known for standing on one leg and its peculiar collar that looks like a parasol is another new monster for the franchise. It is fiercely territorial and will spread its wings while unfolding its eye-like head crest to look more intimidating against intruders.

Great Izuchi

Image via Capcom

Another new Bird Wyvern, the Great Izuchi, has a scythe-like tail that it uses to slice up its prey. It tends to roam around set areas it marks as its territory with smaller Izuchi, typically in groups of three, before rushing in and attacking their targets with fierce combinations.


Image via Capcom

A very large amphibian creature that swallows everything in its path due to its gluttonous nature. It is known to eat gravel and swell its stomach, which while slowing it down also increases the weight and destructiveness of its strikes.

Capcom has promised more information about new monsters and returning fan-favorites as the game gets closer to release.