Everything about PUBG’s ranked mode

Ranked games are coming to PUBG.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG has a brand new ranked mode with various tiers available for players to steadily climb the ranks to fight against some of the best players in the game. For those interested in obtaining higher quality chicken dinners can participate in it first in the game’s test server for additional improvements before it makes it to live game.

The ranked mode is replacing the Survival Title, which is no longer in PUBG. While Survival was covering all of the games, that will no longer be the case, and all rankings and the ranked mode will only be associated with ranked games. You can play regular matches as much as you want, but these will not influence your ranked level.

To jump into a ranked game, you need to click on the Play section of the primary menu, and it should now be a sub-option available to everyone. You can choose to play solo, in duos, or trios. You can party up with players in each of the respective modes, except for solo games. Each of the matches will have a maximum of 64 players attempting to fight it out for the top slot.


Before partying up and jumping into a ranked game, each player in the party must meet these requirements:

  • All players must complete their 10 placement games before playing a ranked match together
  • All party members must be within 10 divisions of each other
  • Depending on the region, some players may need to reach a Survival Mastery before qualifying for a ranked game.
  • Depending on the region, some players may need to verify their account via an SMS message before qualifying for ranked games.

Some players may experience a timer when attempting to load into a new PUBG ranked match if they try to “dodge” a game before it finishes. Players who do this too many times in a row may be subject to Ranked penalties.

Ranked Mode Ruleset

The rules in a PUBG match are a little different than a traditional match.

  • A Ranked game will be available on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok, and the choice of a map is done randomly
  • As of Season 7, these are the unique rules you can expect for the ranked matches:
    • Overall increase in item loot spawns
    • No crossbow spawns
    • Red zone has been removed from the game
    • Motor glider has been removed from the game
    • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone has been adjusted to increase the pace of a match

These rules are subject to change throughout each season, and within a season while they are occurring.

PUBG Ranked Tiers and Divisions

There are six tiers available in PUBG ranked. They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master.

Each tier contains five divisions, going from five (V) to one (I). For players looking to play with their friends, you need to be within 10 divisions of one another, so a Silver III cannot play with a Platinum I player, but a Silver III can play with a player of any Gold ranking.

At the start of a season, every play is Unranked. After the first five games of a season, a player is given a rank for their effort. The ranking is determined at the end of a match, based on how many kills a player achieved, their assists, and their placement at the end of the game.

An end of a ranked match has a brand new screen containing a new metal pop-up with additional ranked information about your performance and your change in ranking. Those who are in Diamond rank and above will have ranked ‘decay’ if they do not participate in a ranked game after a week or more.

Rewards and Leaderboards

Every player will receive ranked rewards for participating in PUBG‘s ranked mode if they have received a rank during that season. A player’s season rewards are based on the highest tier they received during that season. Each player will receive a nameplate and an emblem based on the rank at the end of the season. Those who end the season at Gold or higher gain access to Ranked reward skins.

Leaderboards have returned to the game and now have a player’s rank tier on the side. It shows how many ranking points they have, the matches they’ve played, their average damage, average placement, and their KDA. The leaderboards are updated every two hours.

The leaderboard is tied to a player’s region, and once a player chooses a region to play in during the season, they are locked into it until the end of that season. Those who rank in the top 500 receive additional rewards for their achievement.

We can expect additional changes coming to PUBG‘s ranked games as they change in the future. These games will first be available on the game’s test server and then will arrive at the live game at a later date.