Everything we know about League of Legends Error: 5C – “Trouble fetching information for this player”

A glitch in the system.

Akali League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

If you were happily logging into League of Legends, only to get ganked by Error: 5C, then have no fear. You are not the only person to be impacted by this error. The error means players are unable to queue from games, either normal or ranked, and get an error message telling them “trouble fetching information for this player.”

Can you fix it?

Currently, this issue appears to be something that is happening on the server end, so all the usual fixes apply here. We will run through them in order, so if one doesn’t help, you can try moving on to the next.

  • Reset your router – Some players have reported that a simple router reset has fixed the issue for them, and this should generally be your first port of call for any connection based errors you get from online games.
  • Try another account – If you have a couple of accounts, you can log into the second one, and this can also resolve the issue, according to some people. Nobody seems to know why it helps, however.
  • Try the League of Legends repair tool. This is a fairly standard fix for a lot of League of Legends problems. You can download the repair tool from here, and it is a simple process to run it and check your installation for any errors. As this bug started to hit people after update 9.6, there is a chance that some failure during the patch installation is affecting your game.

Hopefully, some of the above steps will repair the problem for you, but there is a chance that you might need to wait for Riot to solve whatever the problem is if it is occurring on the server-side.