Everything we know about Railjack 3.0 in Warframe

Lots of changes are coming.

Image via Digital Extremes

Railjack 3.0 will bring in sweeping changes to Railjack, with lots of re-balances, gameplay changes, and all manner of new additions. This will be Digital Extremes third attempt to fit the mode into the overall picture of Warframe a little better.

The developers recently went into detail about what we can expect on Devstream 152, and we will be breaking it all down here for you.

Is Railjack 3.0 actually Call of the Tempestarii?

No, Railjack 3.0 is a PC only update that will include lots of new changes and content. Digital Extremes are treating this as something of a dry run that will allow them to issue hotfixes as needed and generally beta test the content before it goes live across all platforms.

Railjack 3.0 will include the new Corpus Railjack content, and the Command Intrinsic, but will not contain the new Sevagoth Warframe and associated quest, Zephyr Deluxe, or any other Call of the Tempestarii content.

What is the release date for Railjack 3.0?

The exact release date for the update has not been revealed at this time.

What will be changing?


Intrinsics are getting a massive rework, so all Intrinsic points are being refunded so that players will be able to make newly informed choices based on the new skill trees.

Intrinsics are also being uncoupled from the Railjack itself, so when a player joins someone’s game their Intrinsics will go with them. If you spec out to be a top-tier pilot, then you will be a top-tier pilot even when flying someone else’s ship.

This is being called Harness by the developers, and they are moving as much of the Railjack information to the Warframes as they can, allowing progression to travel with you. Equipment will remain on the Railjack side, to give people a reason to build their own and upgrade their gear.

Any changes that are made that alter choices players have already made will result in a resource refund for those players.

Railjack Onboarding

The overall onboarding process is being rebalanced, as it is still considered to be an offputting grind just to get into the mode with your own Railjack.

Railjack Renovations

The interior of Railjacks is being changed to make it a more streamlined gameplay experience.

Rewards and Relics

Relics for some Primes are being unvaulted and move into Railjack, and some of the more awkward to get standard Warframes are being moved in there as well, Ash was given as an example. Void Storms will allow players to craft Relics, but no details were given on how this will work.

The Prime Relics will be a permanent addition, and will not be cycling in and out of the mode.

A full breakdown of all changes will be coming on March 8.