Everything you need to know about Night.Market in Valorant

Bargain bins.

Image via Riot Games

In modern multiplayer gaming, looks tend to matter. Valorant deals with this by providing players a range of different skins that they can use to customize their own game.

They don’t always come cheap, and sometimes players try to wait until certain skins are discounted for any reason to then pick them up. This is where the Night.Market comes into play, occasionally offering players a random selection of skin and cosmetics for discounted prices.

The Night.Market is not a permanent feature and when it is available in the shop it will have its own dedicated tab beside the Store tab. You can click on the tabs in the Night.Market to reveal the skins that will be in your shop for this iteration, and beneath the main text will be a countdown of how many days you have left to make any purchases you can at the discounted prices.

You can’t reroll skins, and they are randomly assigned in a way that is not informed by your character or weapon usage, so don’t expect to see skins for your favorite weapons only. Players who don’t own all the Premium skins will see at least two of them in their Night.Market, while there is also a safety rule that will stop multiple skins of the same weapon from appearing.

The Night.Market appears every few months, so if you miss it this time then it shouldn’t take too long to show back up again.