Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go’s Buddy Up event

Earn more rewards with your favorite Pokémon Buddy.

Image via Niantic

The Buddy Up event in Pokémon Go gives you the chance to highlight your favorite Pokémon companion during your adventures in the AR mobile game. For those looking to obtain candies and additional bonuses for a particular Pokémon you want to power-up, this is the event to participate in and give them even more attention. The game starts on Apr. 21 from 8:00am and goes until Apr. 27 at 10:00pm in your local timezone.

The event revolves around whatever buddy Pokémon you’ve chosen to have. If there’s a specific Pokémon you want to receive more candies with by walking shorter distances than the general requirements or receive more items and souvenirs from them, you want to make sure you make them your buddy Pokémon. You can change who it is by clicking your trainer profile at the lower right-hand section of the screen and go to the next tab at the top.

During the event, both Illumise and Volbeat are available in all regions. Generally, you can only find them in specific parts of the world, but with the Buddy Up event, you can now find them all over the place. If you’ve been looking for one of these Pokémon, now is the time to try and capture them. You have nearly a full week to do, so giving you plenty of time to catch them and earn a lot of candy to power them up. You have the potential to capture shiny versions of these Pokémon, too.

Additionally, you will be able to find Chansy, Eevee, Feebas, Lillipup, Joltik, and Alolan Meowth far more often in the wild. You can also capture them in 5-kilometer eggs. Woobat, February’s Pokémon of the month, is making a return, and you can hatch them from 2-kilometer eggs.

The Buddy Up event happens for a limited time, so make sure to get in on once it drops. The event goes from Apr. 21from 8:00am to Apr. 27 at 10:00pm in your local time.