Fallen Necramech spawn locations in Warframe

Fallen, but they can get up.

Warframe PS4 Deimos

Necramechs are massive war machines built by the Entrati to take on their enemies, but like most things in the Warframe universe, the technology has been mostly abandoned.

Players can build their own Necramechs, but this can take a lot of time and resources. Thankfully, there is another way to get into a Necramech to test them out before investing all that time.

Fallen Necramechs can be found on the Cambion Drift on Deimos, marked on the map below. These will randomly spawn, and are not guaranteed, so it might still take some time to find them in your game.

These Necramechs can be jumped into using your Operator, and you can then control them until they are destroyed. The Necramechs will have a standard loadout, normally for the Voidrig, and can slide, create shields and damage-fields, and even hover.

It is also possible to farm these Fallen Necramechs for Codex entries using your scanner.

Voidrig Necramech Abilities

Ability 1: Necraweb
Hurl a canister of graviton fluids to create a wide mire that will significantly slow enemies travelling across it. Alternatively, the canister can be shot in mid-air to create a fiery conflagration.

Ability 2: Storm Shroud
Swathe the Necramech in a powerful electrical field that greatly enhances survivability in close combat. Enemies that strike the shroud will suffer for their impudence.

Ability 3: Gravemines
Launch a pattern of charged mines all around you. Each mine detonates in a violent blast when touched, damaging enemies in a three-meter radius.

Ability 4: Guard Mode
Take a stationary stance to deploy maximum firepower and gain increased structural integrity for a time.