Far Cry New Dawn Co-op Guide | How To Invite Friends To Co-op


Far Cry New Dawn, the new chapter of the successful Ubisoft videogame series, compared to the moments immediately following the release of Far Cry 5, allows you to play online in co-op with your friends.

How to Invite Friend in Co-op in Far Cry New Dawn?

You have the possibility of both creating games and joining an existing game. Now let’s briefly explain how you can play co-op in Far Cry New Dawn.

Invite Friend in Co-op Method #1: If you are out of story mode

Far Cry New Dawn How to Invite Friend in Co-op Guide

  • To invite someone to your co-op session, go to the title screen and press the Touchpad (PlayStation 4) / View-Button (Xbox One).
  • It says “In-Game Party” in the bottom right corner.
  • Click “Invite Player” and select someone from your friend’s list.

There is no matchmaking for story co-op. It only works with two players. You can pick someone from your friend’s list or use the search function to invite a specific online ID.

Invite Friend in Co-op Method #2: If you are already in the story mode

Far Cry New Dawn How to Invite Friend in Co-op Guide

If you’re already in the game’s story mode:

  • You can press Touchpad (PlayStation 4) / View-Button (Xbox One) and scroll to the online section.
  • Then click on “Invite Friends.”
  • Alternatively, you can select “Quit.” This puts you back to the title screen from where you can invite.

When joining someone for the story mode, be aware that story-related trophies & achievements can only be unlocked by the host, not by the joining player (everything that says “Host Only” in the description can be unlocked in co-op but only by the host). It will load the game world & mission progress of the host’s save. The progress of the joining player does not matter. Even if your friend is much further in the game, you can join and play together. It won’t save any story progress for the joining player.

Now you are ready to play in the company of your friends.