How To Open The Safes In Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is the new chapter that brings you to Hope Country, a map of Far Cry 5. Like every Far Cry, here too there are plenty of items to loot that you can use in the course of your adventure. However, some of them are locked in precious safes.

How To Open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn?

Here, then, are the methods to unlock these safes that, I remember, are found in every enemy camp.

How To Open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn – Method #1: With Explosives

One of the easiest methods you can try is simply blowing up the strongbox with explosives if you have any on hand.

How To Open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn – Method #2: Repair Torch perk

Another way you can open safes in Far Cry New Dawn is to unlock the Repair Torch perk. This will cost you three Perk Points, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll unlock the repair torch in Far Cry New Dawn, which is used to break open safes.

All you have to do is hit the Square button (or X if you’re on Xbox One) to interact with a safe, then hold down the R2 button (or RT on Xbox One) until the green bar fills up. Once it’s filled all the way, you’ll be able to open the safe and access its contents.

Moreover, you can even use your new tool for a few other tasks as well. It can double as a repair tool for fixing vehicles and even as a weapon for burning down your enemies.

How To Open Safes in Far Cry New Dawn – Method #3: Lock Picking perk

Alternatively, a more expensive option for opening safes in Far Cry New Dawn is to get the Lock Picking perk. It’ll set you back six Perk Points, as opposed to the Repair Torch’s three, but it’ll also enable you to open any locked doors you come across on your adventure, too.

How to earn skill points?

Far Cry New Dawn How To Open Safes

If you’re low on skill points, there are a few things you can do to earn more in Far Cry New Dawn. You can earn more points by completing missions and challenges, which is the best way to earn them. You can check out the Challenges tab by accessing the menu and scrolling over to the list.

You can complete a few of these tasks, such as killing a certain amount of enemies with a particular weapon, to earn points. Once you have enough, you can finally unlock the perk to open safes.

Alternatively, if you just want Perk Points there and then, you can simply buy them by pressing the Square or X button from the Perks tab.

What is inside safes?

Far Cry New Dawn How To Open Safes

There’s no set material in every safe but they are good place for titanium. Titanium is a valuable resource in the game, especially in the first few hours, so make grabbing this skill early on a good idea.

Where to find the safes in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn How To Open Safes

The safes have no set place. They are all over the map but mainly tend to be near enemy strongholds, Expeditions, and at the end of treasure hunts, which is probably where you’ll find the most of them. You also can’t buy a map of where they are, meaning you’ll have to search. They’re not vital to find but you’ll probably do treasure hunts and have to pass them up if you don’t have the skill. So instead of backtracking and having to remember where the safe is, it’s better just to crack it open the first time you see it.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to open safes in Far Cry New Dawn.