Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: All Confirmed Summons

These are the summons confirmed for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Image Via Square Enix

Square Enix has confirmed that summons will return in FF7 Rebirth, allowing players to unleash monsters upon their enemies. It’s unclear whether the summons from FF7 Remake will be returning, but we know for sure that some familiar faces from FF7 will be appearing in the game, as well as at least one brand-new summon.

The latest trailer for FF7 Rebirth was packed with information about new and returning content that will appear in the game. These include a playable version of Cait Sith, all of the minigames from the Gold Saucer, breeding and racing Chocobos, and the return of Vincent Valentine. The trailer also featured some of the summons that will be appearing in the game.

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Odin Will Appear In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

In FF7, the Odin summon Materia was found hidden in the Shinra Mansion. Odin had two abilities in FF7: Steel Bladed Sword, which instantly killed enemies, and Gunge Lance, which dealt damage. Gunge Lance was extremely useful, as it dealt non-elemental damage, allowing it to bypass many elemental resistances.

In FF7 Rebirth, Odin will be making his return. The latest trailer shows him using his Zantetsuken blade to carve up an enemy, suggesting that this will become his primary weapon in the game. If players have to fight him (as they did with many of the summons in FF7 Remake), then he will likely be extremely difficult, as Odin has often been part of timed battles in previous Final Fantasy games, where the player has rushed to beat him before he uses Zantetsuken and kills everyone.

Alexander Will Appear In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

In FF7, Alexander is a holy-element summon. You find its Materia in the Great Glacier after defeating Snow. If Alexander appears in FF7 Rebirth, the developers are bringing it forward, as they have confirmed that the game ends at the Forgotten Capitol, which is visited before the Great Glacier in the original game.

In the new FF7 Rebirth trailer, it’s clear that Alexander is being fought in the simulation world, where many of the summons appeared in FF7 Remake. This means we’ll be seeing more of the VR summon battles, though it’s unclear if this is just for Alexander or for more of them.

Kujata Will Appear In FF7 Rebirth

Image Via Square Enix

Kujata is a summon from FF7 that has rarely appeared in other Final Fantasy games, but it will be making its return in FF7 Rebirth. In FF7, Kujata simultaneously uses fire, ice, and lighting elements as part of the Tetra-Disaster attack. The Kujata Materia was pretty easy to find, as it was on the path to Sleeping Forest, which means it would be found near the end of the game. Like with Alexander, Kujata will probably be acquired earlier in the game.

A Brand New Summon Will Appear In FF7 Rebirth

Image via Square Enix

FF7 Remake added a few new summons that weren’t present in the original game, and FF7 Rebirth will follow suit. In a new interview on the PlayStation Blog, the developers have confirmed that at least one new summon will appear in FF7 Rebirth, one that didn’t appear in FF7, and it will have its own associated sidequest.

Ramuh & Leviathan Will Be Save Bonus Unlocks

Image Via. Square Enix

While it hasn’t been confirmed that all of the FF7 Remake summons will return in FF7 Rebirth, we know that acquiring two of them is possible. Square Enix mentioned on Twitter that FF7 Rebirth will detect if you have save data from FF7 Remake, which will unlock Leviathan, while save data from the INTERmission DLC will unlock Ramuh. It’s unclear if this is the only way to acquire these summons, or whether there are other ways to find them without the old save data.

Magic Pot & Moogle Trio Are Pre-Order Bonuses

Image Via Square Enix

Much like FF7 Remake, FF7 Rebirth is saving some of its summons for pre-order DLC. If you pre-order any version of the game, you will receive the Moogle Trio summoning Materia, and if you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition, you will also receive the Magic Pot summoning Materia. Magic Pot is a recurring Final Fantasy enemy that you usually need to bribe in exchange for an item, while the Moogle Trio is something brand-new to FF7.

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Many Final Fantasy summons that appeared before and after FF7 could be candidates for this new summon. One strong candidate is Bahamut Fury, which appeared in Crisis Core as an alternate version of Bahamut and is already canon to the FF7 world. Gilgamesh would also fit, considering his absence from FF7 and his growing role as a traveler of the Final Fantasy multiverse.