FF7 Rebirth Release Date Trailer Confirms Popular Fan Theory

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth has confirmed a huge fan theory.

Image Via Square Enix

A new trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth has confirmed that a popular fan theory is correct, relating to the ending of FF7 Remake and the new content in the Intergrade update. Fans have been left with more questions than answers, however, especially as it relates to the future of the game.

In the original FF7, Zack Fair was a member of the SOLDIER unit who died before the events of the game, but his passing was a huge part of the story, with his life being chronicled in Crisis Core. At the end of FF7 Remake, we see a reality where Zack survives and travels to Midgar with Cloud, but it’s unclear if this is a vision or something that really happened. Then, in Intergrade, it’s confirmed that Zack is alive, as he seeks out Aerith, but she has already left Midgar and is on her way to Kalm.

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The Two Clouds Theory Has Been Confirmed In The Latest FF7 Rebirth Trailer

Intergrade confirmed that Zack is still alive in this new timeline, but what about the other Cloud who was seen in the same vision? A new trailer for FF7 Rebirth was shown during the recent September 2023 State of Play event, which is now on the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel. The trailer confirms that there are now two Cloud Strifes in the FF7 Remake timeline.

In this new trailer, Zack is shown passing Cloud off to Kyrie, who is a character from The Kids are Alright spin-off novel that appeared in FF7 Remake. Kyrie encounters Cloud and his friends during the events of FF7 Remake, so it’s clear that she recognizes him in the new trailer, though how she will react later on is still unclear.

Fans had wondered if Aerith’s vision at the end of FF7 Remake had suggested that the Cloud she saw was the same as the one in the game, with Zack being indisposed until the events of Intergrade. This new trailer confirms not only that there are two Clouds but that the new Zack is from another timeline, rather than the original one who has been saved from his fate.

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It’s unclear what role this new Cloud will play in FF7 Rebirth. Maybe the original Cloud will die trying to fight Sephiroth, and a new one is set to take his place, kind of like the Crono switcheroo in Chrono Trigger. Maybe this new Cloud will remain in Midgar and will be reunited with his other self when the party returns to the city, making for an odd reunion for unlucky heroes.