Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Editions: Should You Get Deluxe, Collector’s, or Standard?

When it comes to buying Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, fans have several editions to choose between from Standard to Deluxe and beyond

Which Edition of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Should You Buy

Image via Square Enix

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We’re less than a month away from the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which means gamers can now choose which version to preorder. Square Enix has given us plenty to choose from, with a Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

If you’re as excited for this game as we are, you may be weighing your options when it comes to which edition of the game you should buy. Is the Collector’s Edition worth it, or should you go for Deluxe? Or maybe you should just stick with Standard? We know it’s a difficult choice, especially for longterm fans, so let’s break down what you get with each to help you decide.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Standard Edition

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Standard Edition
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Players can choose between a digital or physical copy of the Standard Edition for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with both priced at $70 USD. With this purchase, you get the game, and that’s pretty much it, which is what you might expect.

That said, fans who preorder the digital version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will receive a special pre-order bonus in the form of Moogle Trio Summoning Materia. Those who opt for the physical version won’t receive this bonus, but they will get a physical two-disc edition of the game.

I should also mention that if you’ve yet to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, there’s a Twin Pack available which includes both games for the same price of $70 USD.

What’s Included With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Digital Deluxe Edition
Image via Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe Edition is also available as a Digital Deluxe or Physical Deluxe Edition, priced at $90 USD.

For your extra coin, players who purchase the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Deluxe Edition in either physical or digital formats will receive:

  • Digital Mini Soundtrack or Soundtrack CD
  • Digital or Physical Art Book

Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will also get the following DLC items, which are not included with the Physical Deluxe Edition:

  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia
  • Reclaimant Choker Accessory
  • Orchid Bracelet Armor

If fans preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition, they’ll also get the Moogle Trio Summoning Materia pre-order bonus. For some reason, this bonus and other other digital DLC items do not appear to be included if you preorder the Physial Deluxe Edition, so unless having the physical copy in your collection is a priority, I’d go with the digital version here.

What’s Included with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector's Edition Sephiroth Statue
Image via Square Enix

All right, hardcore Final Fantasy VII fans, this one might just be for you. The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available as a physical edition only with pricepoint of $350 USD. It is a Square Enix store exclusive, and it’s not yet available for preorder.

This edition includes everything from the Deluxe Edition, as well as a 19 inch sculpted Static Arts statue of Sephiroth. Given the difference in price points between this and the Deluxe Edition, it must be one heck of a statue. In all seriousness, though, these Static Arts figures usually retail for $200 on their own.

The Collector’s Edition is a physical copy of the game that also includes the digital DLC, something you won’t get with the Physical Deluxe Edition. But it will cost you, so I’d say this version is really best suited for a truly devoted fan who has a mighty need to display a Sephiroth statue in their collection.

Which Edition of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth You Should Buy

Cloud Strife Thinking Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Image via Square Enix

So, which version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth should you buy? It depends a little bit on what you value most as a gamer and fan, so here are some different scenarios and which game I think you should buy in that situation.

If you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII Remake… get the Digital Twin Pack. It’s the same price as the game and includes both, but I wouldn’t throw your dollars at the Deluxe if you haven’t played the first remake yet.

If you’re a fan but don’t care about digital DLC… opt for the Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition mostly deals in digital DLC so if that’s not your jam, stick with the basics.

If you love a physical copy… go with the Physical Deluxe Edition. No, you won’t get the digital DLC, but you’ll get a hard copy of the game, soundtrack, and artbook. Perfect for the fan who likes to hold the things they buy.

If you love to collect every available item... get the Digital Deluxe Edition. The extra summoning materia, armor, and items are a great perk if having access to more in-game resources is part of your gameplay priorities.

In my opinion, the Digital Deluxe Edition is the best deal if you want extra content, since it comes with the most DLC while still having a somewhat reasonable pricepoint. That said, this game is chock full of content based on what we saw at the State of Play, so you’ll have plenty to do if your budget only affords the Standard Edition.