The best accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Little boosts add up to a lot of power.

Accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake work in very much the same way as they did in the original one. With an accessory equipped, a character is given a small boost in the form of an attribute increase, or as a unique ability. This can be things that are very helpful against certain enemies, such as preventing a battle status like Poisoned, to the more interesting effects, such as starting a battle with the Toad effect.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t have accessories quite as overpowered as the Ribbon from the original (immunity to all battle ailments), certain items will provide you with stellar boosts that you will need to help create the best team that you can.

These are the best accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

Champion Belt

Effect: +10% Max HP, +5% Strength

If you intend to use one of your party as the tanky member of the team, then the Champion Belt is just about as good as you will find to beef them up. Barret’s base stats lend him best to taking on the ‘tank’ mantle, so with several defensive materia and a ranged weapon that has beefed up sustainability, you can turn Barret into a very useful meatshield.

Add the Provoke materia, and the Champion Belt then allows you to use the other party members as almost glass cannons while the monsters aim Barret to maximize damage while keeping him healthy. The extra strength also means that Barret’s abilities don’t slouch either. If you can use the Elemental materia with a common magic weakness, such as Fire or Lightning, he can pump out some serious damage too. All of this is possible with the Champions Belt, though anyone with strong attack power would also find it useful.


 Far Cry 5 Character

Effect: +10% Max MP, +5% Magic Power

In the same way that the Champion Belt is a great all-round option for those with strong abilities and basic attack, a Circlet is a great option for those that you want to play as the more aggressive mage in your team.

While the two effects do not amount to much at lower levels, the Circlet becomes crucial as you get closer to the end game content. Having a character with a focus on the magic attack is vital to ensuring that your team has versatility, and also to make the most of maxed out magic materia, or the summon materia. Ideally, it would be best to give it to your strongest magic user, but as each character is flexible enough to use magic effectively in your team, it works on just about anyone who is not your tank.

Fury Ring

Effect: Start a battle with the Berserk Battle Status

An item that is easy to look past as it puts you into a battle status automatically, but in the right team, the Fury Ring can be devastating. The Berserk status converts some of your physical defense for strength, meaning that you can output more damage at the expense of taking more damage from physical attacks.

What makes this so good is combining it with a character that has a high base attack (Tifa or Cloud), and maxing out a weapon with attack and ability power, you can unload on any target for stunning damage. Then, on a more tanky character with the Provoke materia, you can ensure that your target is not going to aim for you. This leaves you with stupendous damage potential whilst minimizing damage taken to splash or area of effect (AoE) damage, which typically are telegraphed enough that you can avoid them without much difficulty.

The Fury Ring also doesn’t affect Magic defense, so if you’re going after a primarily magical attacking monster, the downsides are even less prominent. However, it’s worth avoiding magic at all costs on this character as their effectiveness hinges on delivering auto-attack and ability damage.

Protective Boots

Effect: Immune to Slow & Stop

One of the best defensive accessories that you can pick up, the Protective Boots ensure that neither of the two time-based effects, Slow and Stop, can affect your character. Both Slow and Stop are some of the most frustrating battle statuses to face as it delays you from being about to gain ATB, leaving you with no access to your abilities, spells, and items. 

Enemies that use Slow and Stop don’t come along often, especially early in the game, but they make the boots gain most of their value as a fight goes on as the two spells are not usually cast immediately by enemies. Especially against bosses, you’ll be glad that you’re wearing them.

Moogle’s Amulet

Effect: Probability of items dropping from defeated enemies increases

On the face of it, Moogle’s Amulet seems like a pointless accessory. Holding an accessory that has no direct effect on the battlefield appears to be an unnecessary luxury. However, those that want to maximize their materia layout will want to do some AP and XP farming, and Moogle’s Amulet will be invaluable to you.

Farming XP and AP is done by going through areas populated with monsters collecting the XP and AP for materia that they provide, usually without risk. It’s an easy way to boost levels through each section and improve materia, though it can be time-consuming. Moogle’s Amulet will allow you to gain more items at a faster pace. While the items may not directly help you in your playthrough, you can sell them, which typically will allow you to purchase the more expensive materia that Chadley sells.

Having all of the materia available will hold you in good stead if you choose to go into the game on Hard Mode, though Moogle’s Amulet will not be useful in that mode as you cannot hold items.


Effect: Enter battle with a limit break, gradually fills it up over time

Possibly the ultimate accessory, the Gotterdammerung isn’t obtained until towards the end of the game, but boy is it worth the wait.

Not only does it give you a limit break to use as you enter a battle, but it also refills your limit break bar as a battle rages on. Limit Breaks are easily some of the most powerful abilities in the game, and any opportunity that you can get to utilize them can be crucial to winning a fight.

This is even more evident in Hard Mode as a lack of ways to resource MP force you to go bigger on physical abilities, and the Gotterdammerung will be key to your success.