The best accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake

An accessory for every party.

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Accessories in the Final Fantasy VII Remake work the same way they did in the original. With an accessory equipped, a character is given a slight boost in the form of an attribute increase or as a unique ability. This can be things that are very helpful against certain enemies, such as preventing a battle status like Poisoned, to the more interesting effects, such as starting a battle with the Toad effect. This guide will explain the best accessories in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The best accessories in Final Fantasy VII Remake and what they do

While Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn’t have accessories quite as overpowered as the Ribbon from the original (immunity to all battle ailments), certain items will provide stellar boosts that you will need to help create the best team that you can.

Champion Belt

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If you intend to use one of your party members as a tank-style character, then the Champion Belt is a great accessory. It grants the following effects.

  • +10% Max HP
  • +5% Strength

Barret’s base stats lend him best to taking on the ‘tank’ mantle, so with several defensive materia and a ranged weapon that has beefed up sustainability, you can turn Barret into a great frontline fighter.


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In the same way that the Champion Belt is a great all-around option for those with solid abilities and basic attack, a Circlet is an excellent option for those who want to play as the more aggressive mage in your team.

  • +10% Max MP
  • +5% Magic Power

While the two effects do not amount to much at lower levels, the Circlet becomes crucial as you get closer to the end-game content. Having a character focused on the magic attack is vital to ensuring that your team has versatility and makes the most of maxed-out magic or summon materia.

Fury Ring

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The Fury Ring is easy to look past as it puts you into a battle status automatically, but in the right team, the Fury Ring can be devastating. This ring will grant the following effect.

  • Start a battle with the Berserk Battle Status. Which grants increased attack but lower physical defense.

What makes this so good is combining it with a character with a high base attack, such as Tifa or Cloud, and maxing out a weapon with attack and ability power; you can unload on any target for stunning damage. If paired with a character using the Provoke materia, you can ensure that your target will not aim for the character using the Fury Ring.

Protective Boots

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One of the best defensive accessories you can pick, the Protective Boots ensure no enemy can or will slow you down in combat again. These are the effects the Protective Boots will grant you when equipped.

  • Immune to Slow
  • Immune to Stop

Enemies that use Slow and Stop don’t come along often, but as the game progresses, bosses and high-level creatures will use these status effects to significant effect. These boots are great on a Mage, as slow or stop will prevent them from using any healing magic.


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This is the ultimate accessory in Final Fantasy VII Remake; the Gotterdammerung isn’t obtained until the end of the game. This is the effect this accessory will grant you.

  • Enter battle with a full limit break gauge.
  • The Limit Break gauge gradually fills up over time

These accessories are the best items you can equip in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. They will be necessary to tackle the coliseum battles, and Hard Mode is almost impossible without these potent pieces of gear.