Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Holiday Event maintenance times

The agonizing wait before the holiday season begins.

Final Fantasy First Soldier holiday event

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is getting a special Holiday Event before Christmas. However, before the event can go live, the developers need to perform some maintenance to the servers and upload a slew of fixes for all the bugs players have found since launch. This guide explains when the Holiday Event maintenance is scheduled to take place and how long it will take.

The Holiday Event maintenance for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will be on December 7. It’s scheduled to start at 6 PM PT/ 2 AM UTC and last until 10 PM PT/7 AM UTC. However, Square Enix has stressed that the end time for maintenance is subject to change. If more work is needed, the game’s servers will be down for maintenance much longer than initially planned.

The maintenance will fix several issues with controller support, gyroscope support, and, as outlined in the official patch notes, general crashes that players have been experiencing. More importantly, it will add a Holiday Event for players to participate in. No details on what the event entails have been shared at the time of writing, but time-limited rewards will likely be on offer for completing specific challenges and missions across each match. These rewards will only be available while the event is live, providing an incentive for players to jump into the game and play during the holiday season.