For The King 2: Best Starting Classes, Ranked (Worst To Best)

Start off on the right foot by picking the best starting class in For the King 2 for a smooth journey.

best starting classes in For the King 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

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What I love about party games like For The King 2 is that choices like “best-starting class” aren’t as hard as in single-player RPGs. After all, you have four chances to make the right choice.

Still, navigating the starting classes in For The King 2 can feel like piecing together a puzzle. Each class brings unique strengths and weaknesses on paper, which all look relevant. As you shift through the character menu for the first time, it’s hard to figure out which is the weakest that needs to be left out of the party.

I’ve danced through victories and stumbled through defeats, all hinging on the starting classes. Because let’s face it, it will take a hot minute before you unlock that Alchemist or get anything fresh. Let’s break down these classes’ ranks so you don’t end up stuck in the treacherous abyss of regret.

5. Stablehand

Stablehand Class For The King 2
Screenshot by Gamepur

TL;DR: A steady foundation but lacks versatility. It’s reliable but might not shine in all situations.

The Stablehand is a nimble melee fighter with remarkable evasion. If dodging attacks instead of soaking them up is your thing, the Stablehand, with 78 speed and 74 strength, is your guy. They can also dish out massive damage and usually get an extra action thanks to Hard Work.

However, you are kind of leaving your survival up to chance. The Stablehand plays an offensive card but doesn’t have fatality. They mostly rely on situational chance to procure a secret action that will magically finish the enemy off and save everyone. This could work great once you’ve amassed some superior loot, but as a starting class, you’ll only have a pathetic wooden sword. Save it for later.

4. Hunter

Hunter Class For The King 2
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TL;DR: A proficient ranged attacker, but it’s too bad my back row is already filled to the brim.

With exceptional awareness at 78, solid speed, and talent, the Hunter is a damage-dealer with unparalleled precision. And that’s great; no starting class will deal more damage than the Hunter. They’re also adept with bows and have a range of tactics, so their utility is undeniable.

However, the Hunter’s skill set seems to fall short when measured against the game’s challenges. Their limitation to ranged weaponry restricts adaptability, which leaves them vulnerable against foes with varied resistances. The King 2 is a game that often demands flexibility and adaptability, and the Hunter isn’t cutting it.

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Instead, they have a specialized approach that can be helpful if tactics involve keeping distance. They are an excellent choice for players favoring ambush strategies and single-target damage. And because they have four special abilities, like Elite Sneak and Ambush, they’re great for solo play.

3. Herbalist

Herbalist Class For The King 2
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TL;DR: Fail to include a Herbalist in your party; see how far you can get without a healer. Herbalists come with a party healing ability, which makes them a must-have for any team’s sustainability.

We all like to praise those big hitters and the ones who sponge up all the hits like it’s nobody’s business. However, in the crux of battles, the Herbalist emerges as the unsung hero. Their ability to mend wounds with party-wide healing is invaluable, especially in the early stages where you won’t be finding potions in every corner. Adaptable and dependable, the Herbalist is a well-rounded addition to any party to ensure everyone’s survival.

2. Scholar

Scholar Class For The King 2
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TL;DR: Ever seen a DnD party without a magic user? Exactly. The Scholar adds magical prowess to the mix, balancing the team’s damage output.

The Scholar is a magic-wielding class with 78 intellect that fills the shoes of your AoE damage dealer. While standing in the back row, they can dish out consistent damage output with their Fine Scroll skill. They also provide a fair amount of party utility thanks to Refocused.

Scholars should always be positioned behind protective allies. They can also wield immense power through skill checks, which shouldn’t be underestimated to define the best starting class in a game like For The King 2.

1. Blacksmith

Blacksmith Class For The King 2
Screenshot by Gamepur

TL;DR: The ultimate frontline tank. They’ve got plenty of health and massive defensive capabilities.

Every starting party should have a Blacksmith, if not two, to provide stability and endurance. The Blacksmith towers as the stalwart guardian, and in a world where pretty much everything is out to kill you, it becomes the best starting class for The King 2.

The Blacksmith offers formidable vitality and the ability to withstand blows. What you do with that is up to you; you could either lean into evasion or armored defense. It was usually the latter for me since I spammed that Steadfast ability to death, but Blacksmiths exemplify resilience and adaptability.

They can, however, do some pretty heavy damage as well. Blacksmiths are armed with high-damage weapons and a sturdy shield. Overall, they emerge as a frontline powerhouse that can provide both protection and substantial damage.