For The King 2: Alchemist Guide (How To Unlock & Top Tips)

For The King 2’s Alchemist is a tough sell when there’s already an Herbalist, but hear me out: he can make bombs.

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If you’ve just dipped your toes into For The King 2 and are eager to unlock one of the classes with the highest talent and intelligence, the Alchemist is the guy for you.

At the cost of looking like a mad scientist, you can unlock and master the Alchemist. You want to have this guy in your party not only for completionism but also because he comes with the Make Potion skill. Nobody wants to play as the Alchemist until they find out this sketchy geezer can make potions at the end of every other turn, if you’re lucky.

How to Unlock the Alchemist in For The King 2

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During the first chapter of the Resistance campaign, a quest will lead you to rescue Grizelle from Prison Cart in the Grassland. During this quest, you can unlock the Alchemist in For The King 2.

There’s no fixed location for the Alchemist to spawn since this is a procedurally generated world. However, keep your ears perked for a distinctive cry for help on the screen as you explore. When you spot this speech bubble, seek out the source to stumble upon a Prison Cart that’s not part of the main story. 

When you do, it’s dice roll time, baby. Roll successfully to unlock the Alchemist in For the King 2.

Tips and Tricks for the Alchemist in For the King 2

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The Alchemist comes equipped with handy passive skillsSmoke Flee is pretty useful if you’re playing solo, but leaving the party mid-fight is kind of rude.

He’s also got the Make Potion ability, which occasionally crafts useful items like grenades or bombs at the end of your turn. It’s completely up to chance, but these items can be a lifesaver in tight situations if you’re on a good roll.

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Alchemist leans heavily toward intelligence and speed. The guy has next to zero vitality, so make sure he’s in the back row during combat. That doesn’t mean he’s completely useless, though. 

His speed and intelligence will ensure that you often get the first strike against foes. If you’re planning on playing the Alchemist in For The King 2, make sure you capitalize on his speed by opening battles with powerful AoE spells like Shock or Frost.

The best trait for the Alchemist is Nimble. In my party’s experience, this Alchemist is basically walking around with a robe full of dynamite in their pockets thanks to the Make Potions skill. The only way to empty these pockets is to bombard the enemy, and what better way to speed up this process than by having a trait that lets you use two items per turn?