Fortnite – How To Find the Hidden Letter F in Chapter 2


There’s a new version of Fortnite right now, and it’s the game’s brand new introduction to Chapter 2. With the latest chapter, players are getting a variety of challenges, ways to level up their Battle Pass, and new sights to view in the game. There’s a brand new map, and new series of vehicles players are going to have to access when they try to aim for that number one spot. Players are also on the lookout for a particular item, the hidden letter F. Here’s how you locate it.

The Hidden Letter F in Fortnite Chapter 2

The location you want to go to and find the Hidden Letter F is in the image below. You can see where it’s going to be on the map, and you can make sure when your bus drives over the map. You can aim for it during your descend. If you have to get there by walking, you could, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble directly landing here.

Hidden Letter F location

Make sure you’re going to that exact spot. It’s to the east of Lazy Lake, on the southern portion of the map. When you get there, make your descend as quickly as you can make it there. When you arrive, run up the hill. It’s going to be next to a rock, and a small tree near the top of the hill. It’s going to look like a weird, glowing blue icon when you approach it. When you get close enough, search it, and you’ll have completed this portion of the Hidden Letters, and you’re going to be ready for the next one.

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There’s going to be a new letter each week. We’re going to need to find it every time, so you can expect players are going to need to keep their eye out to find the new one. Epic Games is likely going to make it more difficult to find them. Those who pick up each letter every week are going to receive a unique skin at the end of the season, so make sure you’re paying attention and getting them all, every time.