What Is The Medal Punchcard In Fortnite Chapter 2?


The Medal Punchcard is your new best friend in Fortnite Chapter 2, especially if you struggle to get kills. This punchcard is a new system that rewards you with plenty of experience, helping you power up those Battle Pass Ranks and earn all the lovely loot. From my experience in the game today, it is a generous system, so if you like to play with your friends or alone, but found it hard to rank up in previous Seasons, you should be in for a pleasant surprise.

What Is The Medal Punchcard In Fortnite

Medal Punchcard

Every day, you will get a new Medal Punchcard with room for 10 Medals. When you earn medals, they will fill in a slot in the Punchcard. The medals are extremely easy to get, so you should have no problem racking them up. Each one is worth 2000 XP, except for the fifth and 10th medals, which are worth 4000 XP. Now, not only do you get XP for filling in the slot on the card, but you will also get XP for the medal. These objectives vary a little depending on the type of medal you get.

While you play through the match, you can also level up the medal by earning the same medal multiple times. There are three tiers from Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These tiers award different XP values at the end of the match.

  • Battle Medal – Eliminate one person in the match
  • Scavenger Medal – Search three chests, supply drops, or Llamas
  • First Match Medal – completed the first match of the day
  • Survivor Medal – outlast 50 other players

You get medals for playing your first match of the day, opening chests, getting a kill in a game, surviving until the last 50 players, and other simple in-game actions. The Punchcard refreshes each day at 6am PST, giving you a new chance each day to earn all that bonus experience.

You have 24 hours to fill up the Punchcard and earn all of the extra XP, and I was able to fill mine up in two rounds earlier. This mechanic should be beneficial to a lot of players when it comes to earning ranks for their Battle Pass.