Full Lil Gator Game Achievements and Trophies List

100% this adorable, wholesome game.

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Lil Gator Game is described as a wholesome adventure where you play as an alligator and explore an island to your heart’s content. In this short title, there are a variety of tasks you can complete and animals you can befriend, all of which tie into the game’s achievements and trophies. There are a few other miscellaneous, secret achievements and trophies in the game, such as wearing a specific outfit or sitting specific spot on the island. So if you’re looking to 100% the game, here is the list of all 22 achievements and trophies for Lil Gator Game.

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Lil Gator Game – Achievements and Trophies List

Change of PlansUndertake a new, bigger quest.
Growing With WaterCompleted Martin’s Quest
Enrichment Through InventionCompleted Jill’s Quest
Lunch By CompromisedCompleted Avery’s Quest
Lesson LearnedComplete the story
Oof!Ragdoll into something as fast as you can.
Infinite power!!!Acquire all bracelets, and gain enlightenment.
Hidden Scale ClanEquip the full ninja set.
Interrupt This BroadcastClimb to the tippy top of the antenna.
Hero of the PeopleMake friends with everyone on the island.
Under New ManagementTake a seat in the Junk Shop.
CraftslayerBreak everything on the island.
Lizard In SpaceEquip the full space set.
Name Reveal!Learn the monkey’s name.
ACTUAL Name Reveal!Learn the monkey’s real name.
THIS Is The Real NameInstruct the monkey on the power of creativity.
BELIEVE ME, THIS IS THE REAL NAMELearn the monkey’s TRUE name.
Demon of DIYCraft every item.
GatorangeloEquip the full paint set.
AscendTry to touch the sky.
Spider-GatorSwing with the Sticky Hand five times without touching the ground.