Fungal Frustrations quest – Where to find the unique mushrooms – Monster Hunter Rise

These pesky mushrooms are in a central location.

The Fungal Frustrations quest will have you running around Monster Hunter Rise’s Shrine Ruins map, searching for eight unique mushrooms. These mushrooms are unique to the mission, so you can’t grab any of the mushrooms you normally find. There are multiple mushroom locations at the center of the map, and getting them can be a little difficult. You do not need to visit every location on the map. Each of the mushrooms provides you with two, so all you have to do is visit at least four of these locations, and then you’ll complete Fungal Frustrations.

All unique mushroom locations

Here is all of the unique mushroom locations on the map. They are the green highlights.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Some mushrooms are scattered around the side of the map, but we highly recommend going to the center of it and gathering those up. You want to proceed up the Shrine Ruins’ right side up to area 7 and go the left side into 8. Between areas 8 and 7, you can take a small pathway that leads up to the center of the map. When you reach this location on the map, you can follow the left or right path to find multiple mushrooms.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Whenever you approach these mushrooms, they have a distinct yellow glow on them and say, “Mushroom colony.” Once you have all four, the quest will end, and you’ll return to the village after 20 seconds.