Should you go Gallade or Gardevoir in Pokémon Go?

When you catch a Raltz, it can be difficult to choose between the Pokémon’s two final evolutions, Gallade and Gardevoir, but they have slight differences.

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For those who want to have their Raltz become the best, you want to know which final evolution to go with, Gallade or Gardevoir. We’re going to break down your two choices and help you make a final decision on what your Pokémon should choose.

Before You Choose

To have your ideal Raltz become a Gallade, you need to check your Raltz’s gender, because only male Raltz can turn into a Gallade. If you have female Raltz, it cannot become a Gallade. Additionally, you’re going to use a Sinnoh Stone to turn it into a Gallade. If you don’t have one of those, double-check your daily activities to see how close you are the seventh day because that’s when you receive a stone.

Here’s a quick guide for trainers who want a step-by-step process to acquire a Gallade.

Comparing Gallade and Gardevoir

Putting these two Pokémon side by side, they have the same stats. Both have a max CP of 3,093, an attack of 237, a defense of 195, and 169 for their stamina. The significant determination between the two Pokémon is what types they are. Gallade is a Psychic and Fighting-type Pokémon, whereas Gardevoir is a Psychic and Fairy-type.

Gallade is weak to Ghost, Flying, and Fairy-type attacks, and Gardevoir is vulnerable to Ghost, Poison, and Steel-types. The different defenses make you pause to think about how you want to approach encounters. If you know you’re fighting against Fairy and Flying-type Pokémon, Gardevoir is your best option. However, if you fight Poison and Steel-type, Gallade may serve you better. Both of them are weak to Ghost-type attacks, so there’s no getting around there.

There’s a bit to think about between these two Pokémon. Gallade will have access to Fighting-type moves, giving them an array of attacks to use against Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel-type Pokémon. However, Gardevoir has access to Fairy-type attacks, which are super-effective against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-type. A Fighting-type can do more damage against a wider variety of Pokémon, but the Fairy-type moves are great against Dragon-type Pokémon.

Which One?

It’s all about finding the right situation for both of these Pokémon. If you’re immediately starting, Gallade is likely the better choice because you have access to more Pokémon weaknesses. Gardevoir is more of a specialized Pokémon, making it better to use when fighting against specific Raids or Gym battles you can before for ahead of time.

Both Pokémon have roughly the same stats available to them, and they’re going to serve well on your roster. As long as you account for their significant differences, you should have another reliable member of your team to bring out and take with you. While none of them are likely going to become your end-all-be-all Pokémon, they’re both secure options.