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10 Games Like Sea of Stars You Should Check Out

Are you looking for another JRPG to jump into, similar to Sea of Stars? We've got a list of some great recommendations.

Nostalgia is a big deal in gaming, with plenty of games often calling back or being influenced by the past to create the same feeling and experience that those old-school titles did and recapture that magic. Sea of Stars is just one of those games, and it does it with brilliant execution and has made it a hugely popular and well-received title.

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If you found yourself loving Sea of Stars as I did, you might be tempted to try similar titles with similar gameplay, visuals, and ideas or share some standard features, and we’ve got a list of some great games that we believe are perfect for that.

We have listed ten games similar to Sea of Stars that you should check out if you want to experience some other stellar JRPG offerings. This list isn’t in a particular order, and while they may not be exactly the same gameplay style, they are ones we think capture and represent the same quality as Sea of Stars.

I am Setsuna

Image via Square Enix

I am Setsuna is similar to Sea of Stars and inspired by some of the same games, making it a prime example and choice for this list. I am Setsuna is the story of a young woman of the same name who must make a long and challenging journey to sacrifice themselves to save their world with the help of allies they meets along the way. The game features an active battle system similar to old titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy and shares similarities in certain aspects of gameplay, such as combo moves, equipable passives, and multiple party members with different skills and abilities.

It’s a rather bleak story, but emotional and intense, with many details and flavors taken from its inspirations, making it a worthwhile choice.

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Secret Of Mana

Image via Square Enix

Secret of Mana sees players take control of Randi, Primm, and Popoi, who embark on a quest to find Mana seeds and save the Mana tree, stopping the big bad Thanatos and his empire from invading and taking over the world.

Unlike many other games in the genre, Secret of Mana uses a real-time battle system, where players will have a stamina bar that recharges and affects their damage. You also level up multiple weapons that unlock additional charged moves the more powerful they get, along with the JRPG staples you will know and love and a colorful, vibrant world to explore.

Admittedly, this is a bit of an acquired taste, but given its influence on the genre and colorful world, it’s at least worth checking out to see if it takes your fancy.

Super Mario RPG

Image Via Nintendo

Super Mario RPG is a classic for a reason, and its influences and similarities to Sea of Stars are clear as day, but that’s a good thing because the game is stellar.

In Super Mario RPG, you play Mario, Peach, Bowser, and an oddball gang of characters who set out to fix the wish-granting Star Road and defeat the Smithy Gang in this charming offering from Nintendo. The game features the same turn-based combat style as Sea of Stars, including the timed attacks and blocks that are a key part of the game’s combat. Along with that, you have all the JRPG staples of gear, items, and levels, all taking place in a unique world full of character and color you would expect from Mario, but in a new and unique way.

Moreover, Super Mario RPG is getting a remake in November 2023, so it will be the perfect time to jump in and try the game!

Octopath Traveler

Image via Nintendo

Octopath Traveler is arguably one of the best JRPGs we’ve seen in recent years, and that is partly down to a mix of old and new ideas.

In Octopath Traveler 1 and 2, players will experience eight different stories through eight characters, all taking place in the same world. Each has a different tone and style, making for a unique experience as you explore each character’s adventure as they all meet and become your party. Also, they all have path actions and special abilities to use that can open up different gameplay options, like battle, trading, or stealing.

Octopath Traveler 1 does this great, and Octopath Traveler 2 only builds on to these features with more combat systems and travelers tales, which see characters interact more in different types of stories. Add to that a variety of jobs that you can mix and match to make interesting party combinations and skill sets and the same lock-and-break style system seen in Sea of Stars, and you have a real winner.

Octopath Traveler is a stellar game and one you should definitely consider picking up.

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Live A Live

Image via Square Enix

This is a particularly unique entry due to how you play the game since, in a strange way, it’s actually like playing several. Live A Live is pretty typical in terms of its gameplay, with the usual turn-based offering from JRPGs, but what makes it unique is that players will play through several unique stories of different characters set in different time periods, all of which have their quirks that make their story and gameplay unique, such as stealth, crafting, or other combat offerings.

It’s a different kind of JRPG experience and sports the same 2D-HD style seen in Octopath Traveler, and one that is well worth a playthrough if you want something a little different.

Image via Nintendo

We imagine you have played a Legend of Zelda game at some point, but if you want one of the quirky offers that lean into adventure and action more than turn-based gameplay, this is a great option.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening takes place on Koholint Island, a mysterious new land Link finds himself stranded on after a storm at sea. In this game, you’ll experience a slightly different kind of Zelda adventure, with various side quests, unique abilities, settings, and gameplay-like 2D sections that make it one of the most unique offerings in the series. It’s also got a lot of charm, great characters, and the recently released remake boasts great improvements to visuals and gameplay.

It’s a different kind of game than others on the list, but one that should be on your list to play, and for my money, it is one of the best in the series.

Chrono Trigger

Image via Square Enix

Much like Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger had quite an influence on Sea of Stars, and it’s easy to see why since it’s considered one of the best JRPGs ever made. Chrono Trigger sees players take control of a young hero named Crono, who, after an incident at a fair with their friend Marle, is sent into the past; what follows is a time-bending adventure where you’ll meet colorful characters, battle epic bosses, and explore time as you work to save your planets future.

This is where Sea of Stars gets its Combo moves and positional combat elements from, and both of these mechanics are featured in the game, both of which work brilliantly alongside the game’s core JRPG experience and make for a fantastic game. It also has one of the most interesting stories on this list.

If you are looking for a game specifically for the same kind of gameplay and feeling as Sea of Stars, this will likely be your best option.

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Chained Echoes

Image via Deck13

This next choice is a modern hit that, much like Sea of Stars, has taken great effort to capture the feeling and style of the old-school games in the genre and done it masterfully. Chained Echoes sees players exploring the continent of Valandis, in an effort to end a generations-long war between its kingdoms. During the journey, you’ll explore various lands, meet many interesting characters, and battle powerful enemies, all with a brilliant pixel art style and accompanying classic-inspired music.

Combat in Chained Echoes has a unique feature called Overdrive, which sees abilities and attacks become more powerful as you use them, but players will need to manage their overdrive or risk overheating and needing to discharge it with other moves and defensive. On top of that, the game also breaks from tradition and doesn’t feature a level-up system, instead having skills level up automatically through battle and with skill point rewards.

There is a reason the game got such great reviews and is considered a modern gem in the genre, and it’s well worth it.

Bravely Default 2

Image via Nintendo

Here, we have another modern classic with many features and ideas, making it its own beast while retaining the genre’s charm. Bravely Default has players take control of Seth, Gloria, Adelle, and Elvis as they travel across the continent of Excillant in search of crystals of the four elements and become the heroes of light, destined to protect the realm.

The game has several features that give it a distinct style, namely the Brave and Default system, which allows players to sort up and spend Brave Points, a resource used to perform actions that players need to balance and use strategically to get the most out of combat and characters. On top of that, characters can have a primary and secondary job class, giving more variety and options to your playstyle.

Bravely Default 2 is an excellent game for players who want some well-developed and different JRPG combat than the usual affair, and it’s a great story and world to explore to boot.

Final Fantasy

Image via Square Enix

Okay, Final Fantasy series is a bit obvious, but it needs to be included because we wouldn’t have Sea of Stars or many others on this list without it. This series pioneered the JRPG genre, setting up many tried and true tropes still seen and used in games today, including Sea of Stars. Whether it’s the combat systems, long and detailed stories, unique worlds, or some of the more quirky, humorful moments, we owe a lot to the series and its influences on Sea of Stars and other JRPGs.

If you want our suggestions, try Final Fantasy 6, 7, 9, and 10; they are good options.

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