How Many Players can Play Gears 5 Campaign?


Gears 5 comes with a host of new features to the franchise. Not only is there a brand new multiplayer mode called Escape, but there are plenty of new RPG elements coming to the game’s primary campaign. Many are wondering if you can play in split-screen mode, and if so, how many players can you take with you into the Gears 5 campaign?

How Many Players Can Play Gears 5 Campaign?

First of all, yes, you can play Gears 5 locally with two other friends right next to you on the couch. As long as you have three other controllers that can sync to your Xbox One or PC, you’re good to go. Beyond that, how many can join you to run through the game’s campaign?

You can have up to three players in the campaign. So, on your couch, you can include yourself and two friends in Gears 5. This limitation includes online play. You can not add a fourth player, even if you are playing while online. While unfortunate you can’t use all four controllers if you have them, the ability to play a single-player mode with two other friends is exceptionally significant. It boils down to the franchise’s roots of wanting players to work together to take down a formidable threat.

Initially, Gears of War only let you bring one friend with you for the ride. This mechanic changed as the franchise went on, bringing more cast members to the fold and upping the stakes with each game. So for those interested in playing their game with a friend miles away, or right in your home, you can do so with Gears 5. You can even play them in the multiplayer modes Horde and Escape, both accepting three local online players. Horde, though, can include a total of five members.