How To Get Iron in Gears 5


Those who are playing Gears 5 right now are eager to acquire as many of the cosmetic items as you can get in the game. There’s quite a bit, too, from the different blood stains you can leave behind following an execution, the character, and weapons skins, along with expressions they can perform during a multiplayer match. Rather than hope to acquire them from the Operations or the supply drop, you can purchase them from the Gears 5 store with Iron, the game’s premium currency.

How To Get Iron in Gears 5

The Best, Sure-fire Method

You can straight-up purchase Iron from the Gears 5 using your real-life money. We have a break down of those microtransactions on this guide, sharing with you what you can purchase with them along with the different price options. Here are the different purchasing options players can choose from the Gears 5 store:

  • 500 Iron – $4.99
  • 1,000 Iron – $9.99
  • 2,000 + 250 Bonus Iron – $19.99
  • 5,000 + 1,000 Bonus Iron – $49.99
  • 6,000 + 4,000 Bonus Iron (A Special Launch Offer available For a Limited Time) – $59.99
  • 10,000 + 2,500 Bonus Iron – $99.99

The purchase option for getting the 6,000 + 4,000 Bonus Iron option doesn’t give you as much option as the one for $99.99. However, it offers you the most Iron at the cheapest amount. If you plan to stick with Gears 5 for a long time, you’re going to want to choose this option. This option allows you to buy any cosmetic item from the Gears 5 store when it releases, whenever you’re ready.

Tour of Duty

The alternative method is dedicating yourself to the Gears 5 multiplayer system through Operations. The Operations are a new system introduced to the franchise as a type of routinely season adventure with a variety of challenges. These challenges are going to take a great deal of time to complete, and we have all of the challenges listed over here for you to view. By completing all of the challenges in a specified, players early specific cosmetic items associated with that season of Operations, and they change every three months.

How this ties into Iron is that every day there are new daily challenges, not linked to the Operations medals. These daily challenges help players level up their rank, earning new tiers and stars to climb the ranks. Every three daily challenges they complete, they’re going to gain Iron or a specific cosmetic item. Because these rotate, players won’t always receive Iron for completing these tasks. If a player wants to try to earn it without paying any money, this is the best method. But it’s going to take time, and players are going to feel the grind as they continue to try and fulfill all of the tasks they get each day.

Other than these two methods, there’s no other way to Iron in Gears 5. Some of the cosmetic items are not going to drop in the daily supply drop, which players earn as they naturally play the game in multiplayer or in the story mode. The rarer, hard to get cosmetic items are purely going to be available in the Gears 5 store for Iron. So various items players have set their eyes on are going to need to spend money, or horde the Iron they earn from their challenges.