Gears 5: How to Find the Scavengers in Act 3 Side Mission


During act 3 of Gears 5, you have the option to explore the desert area of the game, Vasgar. By going off the beaten path of the main mission, and by exploring the City Ruins, you’re going to activate the Scavengers mission. You’re going to need to explore the desert a reasonable distance to find all three of them. Here’s where you can go to locate them.

Scavenger Locations in Gears 5 – Act 3 Side Mission

City Ruins

The first location is west of the Harbor Docks. When you arrive there, Fahz is going to comment about an abandoned convoy, with Del wondering where everyone is as they approach the abandoned settlement. Explore the ruins where you’re going to run into some Nomads, and eventually going to run blocked door you need to open. When you go to open it, you’re going to get yourself into a combat portion of the ruins, fighting off hunters. Fight them off and then proceed through the doors.

Continue through, and you’re going to find an abandoned Nomad supply area. Explore it, and you’re going to location a UIR LC Circuit A1, which if you find all three you’re going to upgrade Jack’s Hijack ability. Kait and Baird are going to have a brief exchange, and then you’re going to get an update in the Scavengers’ mission. You need to find the other two locations.

Cargo Shipwreck

The next location is further into the desert. After you finish with the City Ruin, Kait and Paduk are going to have an exchange where Kait explains a small scavenger crew had gotten hit. Paduk says they were one of three teams they sent out to the desert. Proceed forward the way you were going, and you should return to the Skiff you left outside. Get back on it, and proceed further into Vasgar. You’re going to find the Cargo Shipwreck past the Control House and Train Bridge areas, on the north side of the map, on the right side.

When you get to the Cargo Shipwreck, you’re going to enter the area and immediately find two flocks flying around the area. You’re going to need to take both of them before you can continue inside. They’re going to disappear once, forcing you to deal with some rejects, and then they’re going to return. When both flocks are down, you’re going to have saved one man of the scavenger crew. Paduk thanks you for doing so. Proceed into the shipwreck, and find the UIR LC Circuit B1. You need to go inside the wreck and up the stairs. It’s going to be on the dead scavenger.

Artillery Battery

The next, final area is on the other side of the map, on the left side. It’s to the south of the Train Bridge. You can probably do this area before the Cargo Shipwreck, but doing these sections in order does not matter. There’s no set sequence of discovering the scavenger crew. When you head in the direction of the battery, you know you’re in the correct area when you locate this massive gun. It’s difficult to miss.

When you arrive, proceed up the stairs, and you’re going to find a recently made juvie pod. Open it up and save the scavenger member. You’re going to activate the next part of the mission, and the Nomad is going to rush towards the door, hinting at more of the scavenger’s crew are inside, in the same situation they were in before you got there. You’re going to have juvies pouring from the top of the building, along with a snatcher to fight. Beat them all back, and then go inside the building. You’re going to save the other crew members stuck in the pods. Go up the stairs to the next floor, and you’re going to find the next UIR LC Circuit C1 on the table, in the middle of the room.