Is Gears Of War 5 Cross Play?


Gears 5 is rolling out across the world, and people want to know if the game supports Cross-Play. The quick answer is yes, the game does support both Cross-Play and Cross-Save features. There are a couple of essential details you will want to know, however.

Is Gears 5 Cross-Play?

As we said, Gears 5 does support Cross-Play. Whether you are on Xbox One, the Microsoft Store, or Steam, it doesn’t matter. The game has Cross-Play support for the following modes:

  • Campaign
  • Versus
  • Escape
  • Horde

That means if you have a friend playing on console, and another on PC, you can all play together. Not only that, but the game also has a Cross-Save feature. If you own both a PC and an Xbox One and have two copies of the game, or the Game Pass level to cover it on both platforms, then your save data can carry over between them. As long as you have an Xbox Live profile, your progress carries over between both versions of the game.

If you take the time to make some maps in the games Builder mode, you can also share these across both platforms as well, which is excellent news for the creatively minded people out there who love to build maps.

How Does Cross-Play Work In PvP?

Now, you might have a few concerns about taking on mouse and keyboard users if you play on Xbox One, but The Coalition has you covered. If you like, Xbox players can turn off Cross-Play for Ranked matches, meaning you will only be taking on other console players. This function doesn’t happen in the arcade versus modes, but serious PvPers should be happy that they can do it in Ranked.

So there you go, all the details you need to know about Cross-Play and Cross-Save in Gears of War 5. Time to reload and take it the Swarm.