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How to Get the Horizon Zero Dawn Armor in Monster Hunter: World

The time-limited Lessons of the Wild event quest will provide you with the required materials to craft the Horizon Zero Dawn inspired Watcher armor set for your Palico.

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Monster Hunter: World lets you not only choose from a wide variety of armor for your hunter, but also equip your Palico, that cute little Felyne companion, with armor chosen from a huge selection. In a special launch agreement and nod to the outstanding Horizon Zero Dawn – our Game of the Year 2017 – hunters can craft a special Watcher Armor Set for their Palico.

Event Quest: Lessons of the Wild

How to Get the Horizon Zero Dawn Armor in Monster Hunter: World
Lessons of the WildTL;DR Games • Fair Use

If you’ve ever had a closer look at the Login Bonus screen, you’ll often see mention of the Lessons of the Wild quest that is available until February 8th. It is this quest that, when completed, unlocks the Watcher armor set for your Palico at the Smithy. You will find the quest under the Events section of your quest board. It’s rated at 5 stars and required your Hunter Rank to be 6 or more, but don’t fret, this quest is incredibly easy.

The quest tasks you with the slaying of 8 Barnos monsters inside the Arena. You will have 50 minutes to do so and can faint twice before you fail the quest. Aside from unlocking the Watcher armor set, this quest is actually a really easy way to grind some money as well. The reward includes a cash payment of 2,520z and the quest is finished rather quickly.

I suggest you take a friend with you. Up to two hunters may embark on this quest together and due to the fact that the Barnos are flying monsters, it’s advised that at least one of you brings a bow or bow gun into the fight. There’s also a really annoying Tzitzi-Ya-Ku that roams the arena, and you’ll be cursing him a lot more than the Barnos. My advice is to task one of the hunters with keeping the flasher occupied while the other focuses on the Barnos.

Watcher Armor Set

How to Get the Horizon Zero Dawn Armor in Monster Hunter: World
Watcher Armor SetTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Once you’ve completed the quest, you will see the Watcher armor available in the Full Armor Sets category of the Smithy’s Forge Palico Equipment menu. The set includes the Felyne Watcher Head and Felyne Watcher Body pieces. For some reason, the set’s weapon, the Felyne Watcher Grinder, is found in the standard Palico equipment menu.

You will need a few extra materials in addition to the unique Watcher Lenses to craft the entire set:

Once you’ve got all the materials, craft the set and equip it and then try to not to be succumb to flashbacks of bad memories every time you see your little mini Watcher next to you in the field!

How to Get the Horizon Zero Dawn Armor in Monster Hunter: World
Felyne Watcher GrinderTL;DR Games • Fair Use

I personally love this set for my Palico. I’m not sure how long it will remain viable, but it’s certainly a nice touch and throwback to such a great game. Here’s hoping we’ll see more unique Palico armor sets from time-limited events in the future. For more tips and tricks, visit our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.

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