Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Call In Vehicles


Ghost Recon Breakpoint features a massive map for players to explore. There’s a lot of hidden locations they need to discover and investigate during their time on Auroa. Unfortunately, these locations are everywhere, and players are going to need to explore these locations to check them all out slowly. To do this effectively, players need a vehicle to call in and help them out.

How To Call in a Vehicle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To make it easy for yourself, you need to locate a bivouac. These are your fast travel points around the map you’re going to need to use to pop in and out across the map. They assist you in getting close to a location. However, they don’t bring you straight to its doorstep. You might not have discovered a closer bivouac yet, or you need to trek it a bit more of a distance. To call a vehicle, though, you need to go to a bivouac that clearly says on the bottom of it that you can call in a vehicle to the location or have it rest nearby.

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When you arrive at the bivouac, set it up like you usually would, and go through the animation process. It doesn’t take too much time, but when you’re trying to summon in a vehicle, it can feel like it’s going to take forever. When you finish watching that animation, you’re going to have a list of options available to you at the bottom of the screen.

You’re most concerned with the one on the far right, called the Garage. The garage is going to show you all of the vehicles you have access to on your current character. You have access to several standard models, but you can gain more from the store and spending Skell credits to purchase them, like if you were going buy a new weapon, item, gear, or another in-game cosmetic item.

When you’ve selected the vehicle you want to call in, it should summon a short distance away. This location is going to vary from the bivouac, so if you don’t see it immediately, take a quick look around and check your mini-map. You should see it there, and there’s a clear outline of what it is, such as a helicopter or a jeep.

That’s all you need to do to summon a vehicle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Make sure you’re taking out your drone to scout out the new areas you visit before venturing out.