Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Open Locked Doors


You’re not going to have access to every room or building you encounter in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game puts you in the middle of hostile terrority, and these hostiles know how to protect their homestead. They’re going to try and prevent you from getting to their secrets at any point they can do so. A method they’ve done is locking doors behind select buildings, forcing you to find out how to get through them.

How To Unlock Locked Doors in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

These doors are not going to have a lock; you can pick using an ability or a particular tool kit. Instead, the game is going to force you to get a little more creative. The enemies of the game are innovative in how they prevent players from gaining access to select locations with electronic access panels. The only way is to know the code or have the small chip attached to enemies.

How do you get past these doors if there’s no skill or toolkit available? You ask an enemy to help you out. Unfortunately, they’re not likely not going to help you out too much, so you’re going to have to make them a bit more willing to help you by taking them out. Take out a nearby enemy, and then sneakily approach them and start carrying them.

With them over your back, bring them to the locked door access panel, and the door should recognize the enemy’s electronic code, opening it up. Yup, you don’t have to do anything else other taking out an enemy and gaining access to the building.

When you get inside the building, you’re going to find plenty of valuable items and equipment you can take with you. Don’t hesitate to go out of your way to find these doors and take out enemies to open them up. Because there’s no skill or toolkit attached to the doors, it makes this content available to everyone playing the game from the start.