What Can You Do With Coins in Dr. Mario World?


Dr. Mario World released today for iOS and Android phones. It’s a puzzle-solving adventure where players take their respective doctor character and attempt to squash out the troublesome viruses plaguing the land. While many expected the microtransactions and premium currencies from this game to cover some of the finer details, it’s good to know what the general currency, the gold coins, do for players. Here’s a break down on how to acquire gold coins in Dr. Mario World and what you can do with them when you’ve earned enough.

Gold Coins in Dr. Mario World

Acquiring Gold Coins

Because gold coins in Dr. Mario World are a common item, players are going to earn these coins through playing the game and winning stages. Each stage a player completes gives them a set amount of coins. Players are also able to acquire coins completing orders. You can find orders in the upper right section of the menu. Open this menu up to take a look at the given orders you have for the day. You have the option to trash these orders if you don’t feel you’re going to get to them that day. The gold coin rewards range from 100 to 200.

Where To Use the Gold Coins

There are two specific locations players can use their gold coins. Of the two, one of them is far more critical than the other, especially for players who don’t plan to engage with Nintendo’s microtransactions. The more important one is in the “characters” main, on the bottom half of the screen. Open this area up, and players are going to find a list of all the available doctors and assistants they can use to play a game. For those interested, here’s an entire list of all the doctors available in Dr. Mario World, and how you can unlock them.

Doctors and assistants cost 4,000 gold coins to unlock. If you use the premium currency, the diamonds, it’s going to cost players 40 to open them. Not every player is going to use real money to advance the game, so many are going to want to save up their gold coins to buy the doctor they want to play as in the game. However, players do not get to choose which doctor or assistant they want to buy. Instead, they have to choose from the option that’s available to them. If it’s not a doctor or assistant the player wants, they’ll have to wait a set amount of time for the roster to reset.

The other option is purchasing power-ups to use in the regular stages mode. The two power-ups available are increasing the player’s final score by 10 percent, and the other is a random surprise that the player can use during the stage. The former costs 500 coins, while the latter requires 200. Both alter the stage in some fashion, although players may feel their coins are better spent purchasing doctors or assistants they can use on any stage moving forward in their game.

Those are some of the current ways players can use gold coins in Dr. Mario World. For those interest in learning about the game’s microtransactions, check out our break down sharing what these transactions can do for you.