Grave Robber on Wanderer’s Refuge – Sea Of Thieves Riddle


There are many different ways that pirates will come into possession of riddles in Sea of Thieves. Some are purchased in the form of voyages from one of the factions, while others may be found inside a Message in a Bottle. Wanderer’s Refuge is the location of treasure talked about in at least two riddles that we’ve come across so far. They are only slightly different from each other and all end in the same location where the treasure is buried. Read on to follow the clues.

Wanderer’s Refuge Riddle

On Wanderer’s Refuge follow the signs, a risk of death for all that shines. / A handsome reward there may be, on Wanderers Refuge across the sea.

Grave Robber on Wanderer's Refuge - Sea Of Thieves Riddle
Wanderer’s Refuge RiddleTL;DR Games • Fair Use

No matter which version of the riddle you have, you’ll need to locate the location that the second line of the clue refers to. Sometimes the first line refers to Wanderer’s Refuge and this location, other times it’s just the island itself. Once you reach the point mentioned in the second line, the next line of the riddle will be revealed. We explain this in more detail in our general riddles guide.

Find the high ground above the rocky tunnel to the far North East no turning back, when this is done then read this map

Grave Robber on Wanderer's Refuge - Sea Of Thieves Riddle
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You can tell that pirates weren’t the most eloquent writers… this refers to a location of a natural stone bridge. Simply stand up there, face north and read the riddle again. You’ll see the next line reveal itself.

At the collapsed stone remains to the South Beach the signs are strong, break the silence with a song.

Grave Robber on Wanderer's Refuge - Sea Of Thieves Riddle
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This part of the riddle is quite straight forward. Head to the southern (or northern, depending on your version of the riddle) beach and find the ruins. Just stand on the stone foundations and get out one of your instruments and play a little diddy. Doing so will set off another green glow and reveal the final line of the riddle.

Find the grave robber to the south east, if I remember right, 6 paces East-by-South East, unearth my gold there you might.

Grave Robber on Wanderer's Refuge - Sea Of Thieves Riddle Grave Robber on Wanderer's Refuge - Sea Of Thieves Riddle

This is the most difficult location to find because the directions are pretty awful. Finding the location of the grave robber is the challenging part as it’s not located on the southern beach. It is in fact located a little bit inland on roughly the middle of the east side of the island. You’ll find a grave here along with a skeleton. That’s your grave robber and your starting point to count off the required number of paces. Some variations of the riddle call for “9 paces South-by-South-West”, but the starting location is the same.

That’s the riddle of the grave robber on Wanderer’s Refuge solved! For help on further riddles and how to be a successful pirate in general, be sure to visit our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub.