GreedFall – How To Advance Your Quest Steps, Fix A “Broken” Quest


One thing that GreedFall is quite good at is giving you multiple ways to achieve your goals. While on a quest, you might discover various ways to get past a step. However, this can lead to some issues. A good example is any quest where you need to find a specific key. If you have a high enough lockpicking skill, you can skip the step by picking the lock and advancing the quest that way. The issue is that by doing so, you might think that the quest is stuck because the quest step does not advance past the point where it tells you to find the key.

GreedFall – How To Advance Your Quest Steps In The Journal

Advance Quest Step In Journal

The good news here is that the developers, Spiders, have a little system in place to help you deal with this. If you get to the point where you have advanced in a quest by completing one of the steps in a way that does not trigger the success parameters of that step, such as finding a specific key, go to the quest in your journal and look at the list of options at the bottom of the screen. There’s a prompt for a button to hit (this will vary by platform and control method) to advance to the next step in your journal. This prompt is called “Change The Follow-up.”

At times it might feel like a quest is breaking, so just be sure you have not completed one of the steps in an unusual way that didn’t advance the tracker in the journal, and if you did, just use the prompted button to get the track to proceed to the step you are currently on.

This mechanic is fundamental. Only when the tracker is on the right step, do you get the proper in-game directions to find the location of the next phase of the quest.

There are some more significant “Find All The Items” quests in the game, and this can also be quite useful. It allows you to change the active quest step to coincide with the area of the game that you are currently at.