How to Do Green With Envy in Destiny 2


There’s a host of new quests available in Destiny 2 with the continual release of updates and new content drops. A notable quest addition to the game is called Green With Envy, and you need to speak with The Drifter in the lower levels of the Tower to start it. You should see it in the lower portion, and you’ll need to do a great deal of work to complete it.

Step 1: Tear it Up. All of the quest steps will have you complete tasks in Gambit, which means you’ll have to bank motes, fight waves of enemies, and repel invading Guardians while they attempt to disrupt your team. In this step, you’ll need to take out 600 enemies, bank 600 motes as a team, and reach Heroic Infamy. For those who are always working on acquiring the Python, The Drifter’s Ritual weapon, you may want to do both at the same time. When you complete it, you’ll receive a Jadestone Shader for your player name.

Step 2: Show Off. With this portion of the quest, you have to go outside of your comfort zone. To complete this step, you have to get a streak of 150 kills, defeat 1,400 enemies, and reach Fabled Infamy.

However, players on the Destiny 2 forums have reported there are issues with the quest. Many have reached the Fabled title in Gambit, but don’t receive the update for the quest until they reach Mythic. Also, there’s no “streak” involved with the quest, and some say you need to get 150 Guardian kills. Things are a bit unclear. Someone at Bungie may have input the incorrect steps, or there’s a bug.

We’ll update this guide if we find a solution for the quest, or if Bungie updates it.