Guacamelee! 2 Good Ending | 5 Key Locations And How To Unlock Good Ending


Getting all 5 Keys in Guacamelee 2, opens the door to the Chicken Illuminati Headquarters and you receive the holy hen’s message along with a good ending. Getting all the keys is a tough task and you might have to replay and try again on failed sections. To help you out in your quest to get all 5 Keys in Guacamelee, we have listed the exact locations of all of them below along with the steps on how to unlock and get them. So let’s start with it without wasting any more time.

Guacamelee! 2 Good Ending

Guacamelee! 2 Good Ending – How To Get All 5 Keys

It’s best to get all the 5 keys after you have finished playing the main story in the free-roam. Make sure you have collected plenty of health chests, stamina chests, unlocked self-healing ability, all chicken powers from dungeons and end-game movement abilities. Here are all the Keys Locations and how to get them:

Key 1 (Cacturado Boss)

The first Key is with the Cacturado boss at the Inferno map. To beat him:

  • Jump on the walls on the side in a horizontal line when there are no spikes to Hit Zope (Blackbird) that sits on Cacturado boss’s head.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • After you have a hit on Zope you can now damage Cacturado for a few seconds.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • Repeat this a few times and he will drop the key after he’s defeated.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

Key 2 (Los Manglares)

This is the hardest key to get with the number of enemies you face. They are the toughest in the game. It is advised to get this key after you have the “Mindful Meditation” from Chamoya skill tree and once you have enough health and stamina.

  • From the town, go to the lower-left exit and down to find a hidden enemy gauntlet which is barricaded by a yellow wall.
  • You face three Jaguars bosses at the same time. Mindful Meditation would come into good use here to heal quickly.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • Killing one of the Jaguars would make it a little easier to kill the rest.

Key 3 (Templo De Jade)

Note: To get this key you will need the chicken’s hover ability.

  • Enter Templo De Jade from the southern entrance in the Los Manglares zone.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • You need the Chicken hover ability to reach the green river.
  • Transform into a chicken to run quick and stay in the blue light. The blue light is the safe spot that moves quickly.
  • Stay in the blue light to avoid getting burned by lava. Transform to Juan when you have to use the eagle hooks.
  • Follow the path to get the third key.

Key 4 (Isla Bonita – Tule Treetops)

Note: Learn the Egg – Laying power by beating the chicken dungeon in the Infierno region. This is a chicken only area, so you must unlock all the chicken abilities and powers by doing the chicken dungeons before you attempt getting this key.

  • Enter Tule treetops from the western door on Isla Bonita.
  • As you enter Tule treetops you must lay a few eggs to feed the gatekeeper and he lets you enter Tule Treetops.
  • From then on it is all a jumping section where sometimes you must turn into a chicken midair to fly to a hook and then transform back to Juan to use the Eagle hook.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

Key 5 (Infierno)

  • Easiest key to get from the lot.
  • Get to the Infierno. Go to the lava area which is that eastern-most side of the Infierno.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • Fly from wall to wall and destroy some flying blobs that explode after a few seconds.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

How To Get Guacamelee! 2 Good Ending

  • After you have collected all the keys go back to Chicken Illuminati Headquarters In Prison El Corazon.
  • Unlock the door to the secret chicken meeting place by talking to the Hen bishop.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • When you are in you need to go through another area of platforming challenges and then meet Holy hen that gives you a message.

Guacamelee Good Ending Tips

  • The Holy Hen tells Juan to take off the mask and look forward into the future, not back into the past.
  • Beat the final boss Salvador in Templo de la Serpiente to get the Good Ending.


While unlocking 5 keys you also unlock these four trophies in the process:

One Down trophy:

  • Received when you complete a secret Chicken Key Challenge

Very Special Trophy:

  • On opening the Golden Door

Talk to the Hend Trophy:

  • On Receiving the Holy Hen’s message.

Legend of the Timelines:

  • On collecting all keys and reaching the good ending.

This is how you get all the 5 keys in Guacamelee! 2 and get the good ending.