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Guardian Tales best heroes tier list

The best characters for the hardest stages of Guardian Tales.

If you’re looking to create the perfect team in Guardian Tales, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the absolute best of the 3-star characters for each of the four roles, starting with the best and then working down the list of other 3-star characters.

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Best Warrior

Warriors have the broadest skillset of all, with a range of weapon types and abilities, ranging from ranged attacks to tanking to supportive abilities. Because of this, your choice of warrior can often be what gives your team its identity: these are the best to build around.

  1. Lilith: Hard to get, with unique skills, Lilith is one of the most coveted characters.
  2. Future Knight: Future Knight is the most versatile character, able to use any weapon well. Perfect for any composition.
  3. Lynn: Simple and effective, a durable melee DPS for any team.
  4. Rue: Rare warrior that uses Rifles, suitable for sticky situations.
  5. Beth: Her unique weapon “Predator,” might be the best weapon overall.
  6. Alef: Unique Golem Rider skills enables specialized teams.
  7. Vishuvac: Extremely high DPS.
  8. Lupina: Warrior that uses Staffs and ice magic, supports creative plans.
  9. Lahn: Balanced and durable.
  10. Eugene: Like Lynn, Lahn and Future Knight, Eugene goes with everything.
  11. Lapice: Tankiest warrior
  12. Plitvice: High DPS warrior, shines with the right support.

Best Support

Supports are by far the most diverse unit type, making it hard to compare them, but these are what we would most want to get in our recruitments.

  1. Mayrael: Unique high DPS support.
  2. Noxia: Necromancer ability enables unique strategies if built around.
  3. Veronica: Classic support, good for most teams.
  4. Gabriel: Interesting Bow based support.
  5. Miya: Exorcist skills are perfect in certain situations.
  6. Eva: Reliable support.

Best Tanker

Tankers are highly specialized, with the role of slowing down enemies. These are the best, but in general it’s important that they synergize with the crowd control needs of each situation.

  1. Oghma: Near unkillable bulwark; by far the best tanker character.
  2. Future Princess: Unique staff and shield combination.
  3. Marina: High DPS Tanker.

Best Ranged

Ranged characters are usually your primary damage dealers, and need to be able to effectively defeat many kinds of enemies. The higher their DPS, usually the better they are, though some have unique skills or synergies that make them worth using.

  1. Mk.99: Very high raw DPS.
  2. Bianca: Unique ranged character that uses Two Handed Swords.
  3. Garam: Powerful skill and ability to use Baskets or Bows.
  4. Nari: Versatile DPS for any team.
  5. Tinia: High DPS, needs strong supports.
  6. Bari: Supportive ranged character.
  7. Arabelle: Hard to utilize well, but very strong in the right team.

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